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Monday, August 16, 2010

Casey Donahew in Amarillo

Basically, I had a great time at the show. To me the strength was the show itself. Loved the energy of the band! The songs and Casey's voice is just not something that is my thing. Regardless, I really had a great time. He's doing incredibly well out here (and I can see why) and it was a pretty damn good sized crowd and they were TOTALLY engaged. I can't tell if the longer the set got the songs got more typical or I just got more drunk ;). Bottom line, was it worth the money? Absolutely. Is it worth buying the CD? Not for me. I'd rather watch it "live". Check it out for yourself (link). The opener was Kristen Kelly. Nothing that really distinguishes her from any other female act. Those are tough for me though (female acts). She's got a good band. Good voice. Just nothing I heard that gave her a "sound".
Midnight Rodeo was a typical looking bar in a strip mall but being new to these big Texas clubs I really dug the layout. They had the big oval dance floor and here they had a bar in the middle, as well (which may be typical). Again it was a good sized crowd and I loved just standing there watching the dancing. Some were really good and some were just damn funny. There was this one couple where it looked like the cute young girl was doing kind of a "giddy up" with her partner. He looked relatively smooth but she had this little "giddy up" is all I can think of to describe it.It was entertaining, never the less. It has me looking forward to the real Texas dancehalls :). My favorite quote of the night was said by a guy sitting at a bar next to me eating at "Texas Roadhouse". He'd said "There's no need to leave right here. Everything I need is right here." Don't know why I loved hearing that but I did. Heading toward San Angelo & Stephenville in the next coupla days. Keep checking in when you can, S

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