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Friday, August 13, 2010

Damned Kennerley (Buddy Holly)

I'd called Paul Kennerley (my Buddy Holly "specialist") to ask what else I need to see in Lubbock. He said "you must go to Clovis, NM!" I'm like "dude, I'm in Texas, I'm not driving all the way to N.M.!" So I went. Kenneth Broad left a 17 year church ministry when he made a promise to Vi (Norman's Petty's wife) that he'd be their business manager for 1 year. That was now going on 27 years ago. Norman Petty (artist, producer, engineer and Buddy Holly's producer) died of cancer at the terribly young age of 57 (26 years ago this coming Sunday). Kenneth was so passionate in showing me all of the studio and you could tell he was still loving it. He's kept every piece of the original equipment that Buddy recorded through in pristine shape. The original speakers, mics, the amp that Buddy played through even the control room chair that Buddy would sit in and listen after recording "Peggy Sue, That'll Be The day","It's so Easy"...... I mean he kept EVERYTHING. He made me sit in the chair and listen to those songs through those same exact speakers (Kenneth would be singing along :)). I'll stop there but it was mighty powerful and he was such a sweet man.
In all this driving, I've not wanted to listen to the country stations unless it's local Texas stations. Marfa had a GREAT NPR station that played great country and when in Alpine the GREAT station there played Lacy J's "16th Avenue"! I text'ed Thom that and he texted back "are you drunk?". It was too early for me to be drinking. They also played a Mel Tillis song "Good Woman Blues" and "back announced" it with his web address. THAT was cool!
Had a dream last night (1st one about work) that was basically Pat (my old boss), asking me (my new boss) "do you know what's going on (out on the streets)?" and I was like "no, nor do I care". I think that dream's about me not missing the "Music Business". BUT There will be music tonight (Cody Johnson here) AND tomorrow night (Casey Donahew in Amarillo)! YAY!!!! Then I'm headed toward Abilene,San Angelo, Stephenville and on into the Dallas/Fort Worth area. That'll keep you guys from having to read more of this boring assed writing! Thanks for sitting there and reading. Now "get a long little doggies", S


  1. What a blast to visit Norman Petty's studio. I must try to do that.
    Regards Leo

  2. Brilliant stuff. Thanks for sharing the experience. Reminds me of what got me interested in music.