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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Arm wrestling, Gruene Hall and T Meadows

The ASCAP Awards were last night I hear. Thanks to the guys at ASCAP for helping me out “out here” but as far as the award shows, I don’t miss that. I do miss seeing my friends and the really hard working writers get their awards. I just always felt like "a poser" all dressed up in a tux. Anyways, it IS a great thing for the writers and that was always the best part of the night. I think that the “publisher of the year” thing is bullshit and takes away from making the writers the center of attention. Instead, maybe afterwards all of the publishers could just arm wrestle for the “title” and the winning “pluggers” (publisher) could then wear like those big rodeo buckles around all year…. with a hat…with an eagle on it.
Last night I went to Freiheit Country Store for a big greasy burger and big fat fries. Good GOD those things weigh me down the older I get! There was something going on in the next room that involved tickets and money but I don’t know. Maybe it’s a high stakes canasta game or something. I just eat my burger, pay the cute waitress and leave.
I then went to Gruene Hall for what I’d call a writers night. Everyone kept telling me to “wait until you see Gruene Hall”. So I’m not going to embarrass myself in trying to describe the place (it’s been done a gazillion times so for all you non-Texans “google it”). It seems to be the dance hall of the Hill Country and really famous (as Texans I’m sure are like rolling their eyes). Given that, what they DON’T tell you about is (as Ronnie Chilton would’ve said) “the pissers” (I posted a pix). It’s got like beautiful green 1x8’s running up the wall (that you pee on) behind the handy trough styled “pissers” and to your right there are 1x6’s (maybe a new wall) that’s green, as well. I guess people like John Travolta, George Strait (maybe I should’ve reversed that order), (I’m guessing) Willie, Jerry Jeff Walker and maybe even Townes Van Zandt stood right there and peed where I'd peed! Anyways, it’s a really beautiful old building (tired of saying that damn phrase but I’m no Walt Whitman) and I wanna come back on a “dance night” (if that’s what they call it, it’s what I call it). Seriously, it been written about so much that I don’t really know what else to say about it that’d be of interest to you.
Two things that hit me while sitting there listening to those writers (pic posted, as well). #1. As politically incorrect as it sounds, I miss the smell of smoke in a bar (most bars I’ve been to around here allow it).
#2. I hate it when a writer tries to make you sing along to a song that you don’t know. If I like it, I may sing along. More times than not I won’t so I don’t wanna have to learn it.
An added 3rd. I do miss working with Travis Meadows. The man is who kept me inspired my last few years at Universal.
“rise from the puddle everybody stomps” -Travis Meadows
"Hell yeah, he will"-Me

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