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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Floore Country Store in Helotes, TX

“Eleven Hundred Springs” were playing this famous little place last night so I was really excited about going to the show. John T. Floore opened the “store” in 1946. Everybody from Willie (of course), Lefty Frizzell, Hank Sr., Bob Wills, Johnny Cash and Ernest Tubb have played here. By the way, this ain’t no store. Walking in I was a little underwhelmed from the fact that in comparison to all the other neat dance halls and clubs this place is pretty much a warehouse with low metal corrugated ceiling, concrete floors and cinder block walls (actually pretty good “sound” considering all this). From the metal rafters they’ve hung boots, hats and a saddle or two and again have hung up Christmas lights (now I realize as standard as Willie sightings in these places) to make it actually look pretty cool at night (daytime I bet it could still look like a warehouse). Out back there's a "patio" for the larger shows that hold about 2000 people. Anyways, last night it was a surprisingly small crowd (30-40 people). Apparently this place is more crowded in the Summer (before school starts back). Eleven Hundred Springs are a GREAT old school dance band. Not in the line of the 50’s typa Bob Wills thing but (to me) a little more in the Bakersfield realm. Fun band and really good players. Saw them at the Grenada Theater in Dallas a while back (GREAT venue by the way!!!) and it was pretty crowded. So in saying that I was surprised that there was no bigger a crowd last night. Really wished I had more to offer but I just couldn’t find any more to write about. Spoke to a coupla dancers there, the sound engineer and a coupla employees but pretty much struck out :( . Overall, this club owning seems to be feast or famine (I’ve seen more famine). I’ve rarely seen the clubs when they’ve been packed and I’ve now been out pretty much every night (especially Wed-Sat.) and have only seen one place that was what you’d call “full” (Cory Morrow show). I’m headed off to find a TV with the Georgia game on today (GO DAWGS!)! Tonight should be great! Headed to the Quihi Gun Club (if I can find it)! I’m gonna bring my pistol! ;) Kidding, it’s what they call some of the Dance Halls. Some of these started out as shooting clubs (obviously). From the pictures, it looks GREAT!

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