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Friday, September 17, 2010

The Noise across the river & my alcoholic disposition

I wake up this morning to some noise across the river up on the cliffs (probably a few hundred feet high). I start making coffee on the little coleman burner and walk down to the river. I look about ¾ ways up the cliff opposite me and I can barely make out that the goats are fighting (rutting maybe what it’s called). These guys are probably 200 feet high on the side of cliffs and just going at it. Anyways, after a while they “cool down” and my coffee’s about ready. I’ve been the only camper in this little place. Big old oaks and cypress trees are between me and the river. It’s all dirt underneath from the flooding a coupla weeks ago but otherwise a gorgeous place to camp on a river (about the size of the Harpeth in Nashville). I’ve been trying to read since I’m on this crazy little odd trip but have found it hard to find things I’m interested in. Friends have given me books like “Halftime” (what to do now that you’re halfway to your death bed), “Blue Highway” (about the guy who’s life went to shit so he hits the road) and even some religious based book released in ’64. I can’t tell WHAT the hell it’s about yet. Something about non conformists in the church but so far it seems like it’s about a bunch of “sinners” who try to write their own bible (can’t really blame them for at least trying and then dying). Nothing’s hit me yet as far as relevant to me (whatever that would be).
I’ve been readin these real bloggers “Rawhide and velvet” and askthebloggess for inspiration. They both are really entertaining and funny as hell. Rita (R&V) gave me a mention which I really appreciated since we totally disagree on music. From what I can gather she’s a fan who’s passionate about music and great about expressing that in her own voice (not someone like me who’s heard TOO much damn music and over thinks everything). Askthebloggess is nothing about music but a really funny girl giving advice on everything from what to do when your boyfriend takes nude photo’s of you to something like this (below):

Dear Bloggess, So I've been on this whole trying to be a better Christian thing lately and I've hit a wall. I realized that if Jesus came down from Heaven and told me to leave my children to follow him I totally would NOT do it. So, because I'm a good mom and refuse to abandon my babies, am I going to hell? ~ Katie
Bloggess (partial answer-go to her blog for the rest-sg)
Statistically speaking, if you see Jesus and he asks you to do something crazy that’s probably less of a “religious vision” and more of a “tumor pressing on your brain”….

Anyways, check them out. Their worth your time :)
I went to Riley’s tavern last night. They've got the oldest liquor license in Texas. Apparently old man Riley (18 at the time) took his "a" or "t"-model or whatever it was and drove into Austin and camped out on the steps of the state building to be the first in line to get a liquor license once prohibition was over. I’d have probably been pretty close behind him if I’d been alive then. A lot of my relatives (on the Brown’s side) apparently never stopped practicing the art of liquor production and consumption (BIG bootleggers) so I guess it’s in my blood to imbibe. Thanks Grandma. I’m off to find out where the hell I left my phone last night (maybe I should be reading a book about how NOT to lose all your shit). Happy weekend, S


  1. That sure does look like Rainbow Campgrounds, on River Road in New Braunfels, TX..
    My camping group has been going there for at least the past 16 years in the summer. I Just Love those Mountain Goats! They travel to the left in the morning and to the right in the evening!

  2. Good call! Holy COW, how'd you figure that out?

  3. This campground has been our home away from home every summer.. It is a tradition I hope our kids will follow... (but word on the street is it's for sale..again) Regardless of the owner.. we will be there every year during the last week in July!