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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Oxford, Ms and a LOTTA people dressed up like drunks.

Dressed as a drunk guy who fell backwards
Dressed as a REALLY drunk couple
Dressed as OR a drunk Ole Miss player

After a few days of Nashville I was really ready to be back on the road again. It's a strange transient life but something I've adjusted to and have enjoyed. Oxford, Miss. was just on a stop on my way through Bama to Georgia. Got into Oxford about 5:30 of a big SEC game night (Auburn & Ole Miss). I've not been around THAT many alcoholics since I visited my friend in Cumberland Heights a coupla years back. From old to young it was a full compliment of drunks. You could blame it on the Ole Miss loss but most of them were loud obnoxious drunks sitting all around me even when the game was tied. Anyways, there was not a lot of tips I got on who to see and where to go other than the obvious "Square".Oxford Is beautiful! It's Book stores and bars. I tried The Lyric, The Rooster and saw a good regional band who's played together for probably 15 years (Kudzu Kings) at Proud Larry's. Great band, good musicians, solid and fun songs. Older crowd (my age). Not really anything else that exciting so I just started going around taking pictures of my favorite drunks. Maybe they were just "dressed" as drunks, though. O.K., I'll give them "benefit of the doubt". Happy Halloween! S
Dressed as "drunker 'ern shit!"

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