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Friday, October 15, 2010

White is white is white...

This is as close as I could get to the "Soul Rebels"
Fritzel's House Band
Trouncing around New Orleans last night I finally saw two really fun bands. The House Band at Fritzels are the only "Trad" Jazz band and club on Bourbon St. (Preservation Hall being on one of the side streets). Great club too other that the $7 draft beer (Ouch!). No cover though (it's the trick that get's you into buying expensive beer).These were younger kids that played really great "Dixie Land" style. REALLY great piano player! I can't find anything worth a crap on the internet that's worth hearing on them (like anybody who's gonna read this really's gonna like Dixie Land, anyways). Then went over to "Les Bon Temps" after that to see the Soul Rebels Brass Band. This was apparently the place to be. By the time the band started  it was packed. I MEAN packed. "Accidentally finding myself on the front row" packed! Which put me in direct line of fire for the slide of the trombone, spit and some DAMN loud brass. I'm not sure what the hell you'd call the music. I recorded a bit but they played so damn loud that it sounded out of tune as hell on playback (which I guess it was live too but when it's that loud and crowded who cares). The bar was kind of a smallish rock and roll typa bar with no stage. The crowd was mostly white the first set (bad dancing) and more black the second set (up the level of dancing). You'd think down here the white kids could dance better. Not the case. White is white is white. I've found myself moving back and forth slightly but not enough to show my white ass dancing style. On the other hand the tall bony kid smushed up against me, decided on the more spastic approach. I see a lot of the white kids doing his "dance" nowadays. It's like an over exaggerated kinda "walk" with some weird assed left right march with elbows and knees (felt like he had 12!) just a flailing. I can't even describe it's but pretty nasty and common amongst his breed. Hell, I guess it's cool. I'm 47 and not cool anyways. Thank god for the second set (with the upgraded dancing crowd). I stayed as long as I could and got my old ass in a taxi headed for the house. 2 A.M., good god!

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  1. Bon Temps is where Sookie and Vampire Bill from True Blood lives!