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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hackensaw Boys, Gid Tanner and the ending of a "temporary life"

Seeing as I can never figure out when bands are gonna start (even 6 months later) I missed the opener last night in Richmond, VA. The National itself is a BEAUTIFUL old theater. Holds about 1500 people according to their website. Can't find much history about the place online but I'm sure it's there somewhere. The Hackensaw Boys have been around for a few years and their music made me wanna go back to my hotel and learn more about the damn roots of American folk music. They really did a great job of representing a style of Americana music. Not in the generic term but real American music. Music's like reading to me, the more I listen the stupid-er I feel. One of the earliest Opry stars and Hall of Famer's, Gid Tanner, is from my hometown of Dacula, Georgia and I don't know ANYthing about him other than just general info. That's embarrassing (being in music so long) but what I've been reading up on today. I'm gonna put up a vid when my computer will allow me (upload speed at this hotel is terrible :() . The crowd really dug the show and this is their home base.

Capitol Ale House-I want one of these in Nashville!!!
I've got one week left of this "temporary life" before I head back to Nashville and get down to the details of starting a new direction. I've laid awake many a nights thinking about it all and wishing that I coulda been happy where I was at (at Universal) but I just couldn't do it and it slowly ate away at my self esteem, creativity, passion and my work ethic. 17 years was a good run that needed to end and had run it's course. I'm ready to work my ass off on a new course or build one if need be. :) Hitting the road for northern Virginia, then the "Carter Fold", THEN home.


  1. well be good to have you back.... Enjoy the Carter Fold!!!

  2. Yeah, and a coupla pissed off people "out here" will be glad of that, as well. :) Who knows, I may just go back out to bug the hell outta them.