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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

This weren't no typical "open mic" night!

Because of Greg Gallo (thx dude!) I went to an "open mic" last night at Deep South in Raleigh, NC. It was NOT your typical open mic, and I've seen a few. Saw some REALLY powerful singer/songwriters! The guy running sound "Bullfrog"(Willard McGhee) was a helluvu guitar player and singer. He's a post Katrina (9th Ward, think he said) transplant from NOLA. Bullfrog hosted the night and sang his ass off to start things. Others that were DEFINITELY worth checking out were: Audrey Lee Johnson ("Why I've Come", REALLY good song but couldn't find it on her site :(), Eric Scholz and lastly was this guy Chris Hendricks. Chris worked his way up to the stage and sits down at the mic. Chris has Cerebral Palsy (or CP). One of my favorite cousins Billy Gunter has the same thing and though it doesn't affect so much of the mind (though it can), it can affect motor skills and other things with the body. My cousin's a brilliant guy, as well and taught me ALL of THE cool music as a kid. He was like my musical mentor. My 3 sisters WEREN'T with me suffering through Gary Puckett and the Union Gap, The Carpenters & Bobby Sherman. The only Beatles song we had was "Let It Be". It seems my mother thought it was a religious song (I never knew WHAT the hell it was). Anyways, what Chris sings about is what Chris deals with. As I've said before, that's what I've ALWAYS been "drawn to" in songwriters and what I've always tried to keep them focused on in spite what some people tell them. Chris is powerful not because he has CP but because of his insight with CP. If he didn't have it, he'd STILL be one talented Mofo! This was my favorite of his: "Affliction" . DAMN, this is a GREAT start to a GREAT new year! Happy New music fellas and fellers ;) S

I'll move abstinence from drinking to NEXT year's "NY's Resolution".

The Bullfrog ROCKED!-Video

As did this girl-Audrey Lee Johnson

'nother talented dude-Eric Scholz
P.S. The bar was a great bar that I'll talk about tomorrow (in addition to the owners). TOO much shit for one blog, though!
Largest "tissue to sink" ratio that I've found in all of my travels

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