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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Charleston decompression

I wake up last night at 2am wondering (holy shit!) what am I DOING and is it EVEN feasible to do what I've told all of my friends that I'm going to do! Taking 3 months to travel and blog about it?
So for the 1st time since I was a kid, I'm out of a job. It's kinda like losing a friend that you've had a dysfunctional relationship with. You miss the good parts disregarding it was not healthy for you in the end. Life moves on and with good reason a lot of times and this is one of those times. I'm spending a few days with my really kind sister and brother-in-law, Vicki and Dennis. It's giving me some time to decompress and work toward the future (and apparently wake up at 2 in the morning scared shitless). I've got to figure out how in the world to blog, how to set up an itinerary and practice my skills on reviewing bands (without pissing off the whole of Texas). I've had SO many friends give me great advice and hopefully it will make me look like (in some way) I know what the hell I'm doing :)
1st question from Jennifer Carrington "are you going to cuss ?" Not sure why she even asked that one.
1st question from Tom Roland "now are you really going to be truthful?" I know....and I'm despised for that (by some writers) but DEFINITELY a relevant question.
Bob Oermann offered great advice: "Just tell the truth".


  1. I can tell already that I am going to LOVE your blog, Scott! Keep on writing!!!

  2. Thanks for taking all of us along on your adventure. We'll be tuning in daily to listen to you cuss and spew the truth...both the sweet and bitter kind.
    Please eat lots of tacos and blog about those, too. I sure do love tacos.

  3. So, here we go huh? Don't forget the rubber sheets and the gerbils! Look forward to the posts!

  4. Be safe, listen intently and report without fear of reprisal. Looking forward to reading your take on "life out there in America.I still remember meeting you for the first time in the RCA mail room in the old building on 17th as you worked along side Norman Devasure. All the best of luck Scott!

  5. I always did like the way you tell it. Looking forward to the rest.

    Much Love,


  6. I'm told I'm the only receptionist you've never made cry..... haha. I can't wait to hear and see more about this blog!

  7. Hey, Bro!!
    Always wondered what you'd be when you grew up! Now me and the rest of us get to see!
    The raw and uncut truth, as you meet, has never be a problem. You're the best. Thanks for taking us on this ride with you!
    Blog, blog, blog!!!
    Love you,

  8. If your compass breaks and you find yourself north of the Mason Dixon you are welcome to stop and check out the music in CNY anytime.