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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Screw El Paso

O.K., so I KNOW that my subtitle has me "committed" to starting in El Paso, Texas and ending in Virginia (undetermined city because I could be tired as shit by this time and fall over at the state line and there being my point of "termination"). Well, screw El Paso. I can't find ONE good damn reason to be going there other than a bar named "Whiskey Dicks". My gut really says no to this one (and I'm not homophobic). Well, I didn't feel like my marriage was going to work either after 6 years, 4 of which were in counseling (slow learner) and DAMN if I was going to stick with it either all because I said I would in addition to my whole damn family driving up here from all parts of the south (sorry guys, hopefully it was a pretty drive). Anyways, screw El Paso. I'll NOW be traveling from the incredibly unknown town of Marfa, Texas. Though most people (ok, maybe all) don't know of this town, it seems to have some great things about it and an according to what I've read there's a great venue! Oh, btw, there's a hot springs there and it only cost 15 bucks to pitch a tent. All of this is SO much more appealing to me than being two blocks from impending murder (i.e. Juarez, Mexico). I now realize that this blog could change. "I never promised you a rose garden" so shoot me. Stay tuned & X's, S


  1. There is something about you including the words "pitch a tent" and "impending murder" in sentences so close together that worries me.... Yeeeeesh.....

  2. if you were gonna get shot it would have happened in Juarez.

  3. Setting the excitement level a little low when the town intro is, "Approved Public Water System".
    Hey, what more could you ask for?! Just sets the heart "a-flutter"!

  4. Glad the water's approved! Can't wait for a visit.

    BTW: the drive to Nashville was nice - way back then. However, the thunderstorm at the wedding might have been taken as a sign from above, now that I think about it.

  5. Hey the wedding was the last time our kids looked cute (cue the pictures)

    El Paso was never a good idea--glad you didn't get attacked/killed trying to do that thing.

    Keep on keeping on


  6. Head towards New Orleans and Mississippi... they've got a lot to sing about.

  7. Marty Robbins called. If you're not going to El Paso he wants his hat back. Travel safe. Lot's of folks in Nashburg look forward to your return.