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Monday, August 30, 2010

Bandera & Airbags

Well, in the last few days, I've become acquainted with both. Jim Lane was so incredibly nice enough to introduce me to both of those 2 things (and actually a 3rd thing I've saved for the next post). The short story was that he introduced me to Bandera, Texas about 7 P.M. Saturday night and then about 1:30 Sunday morning he introduced me to his airbags. As MUCH as I'd love to blame it on him ;), some young kid just flat turned into us and we immediately went from 60mph to 0 in damn near 0 seconds. We lived through it and we've both groaned our way through the last 48+ hours. Coughing, sneezing, deep breathing and a good night's sleep are WAY underrated about now.
Jim picked me up in Dallas and took me on an impromptu trip to all of these little Texas towns that he knew like Luckenbach, Spicewood, Bandera, Kerrville, Abbott (Willie's hometown) and a bunch of other beautiful small Texas towns that I'd never heard of before. Jim was such a great help in teaching me about so much of Texas, it's history, it's music and it's people. My thoughts. Abbott-Willie Nelson's home place. We stopped at this old store that Willie had bought in the last few years. It was a grocery store/Deli/hardware store with Willie T's, CD's and DVD's. Odd array of things but there was NOTHING else in that tiny town so I guess you had to pack it all in one building. Willie owned a few places in the town. A building and or house here and there. Luckenbach (second picture above): It was these old all wood buildings that looked to be built in the early 1900's. Beautiful old moss covered oaks that surrounded the place. It was not a town per se just a few buildings built under beautiful old oaks. Great, great, GREAT old dancehall that according to a book that I've just been reading was built in 1887. We were there way too early for music there, though :(. Bandera, Texas "Cowboy Capitol of the world" seemed like any other town for the 4+ hours I was there (not one cowboy or tumbleweed). I'm going back through in a coupla days to give it one more shot. We visited 4 bars and our favorite by far was the Longhorn Saloon (top picture). Sat right on the road and the wooden rectangular building had really great character. Not the oval dance floor of the big dance bars. It was kinda like a road house but with higher ceilings and not as nasty. Very interesting crowd, as well! It's owned by Brian (Clint's brother) and Charlotte Black. Brian was working his butt off running around as well as DJ-ing between the band sets. They do a great job in running the place and seem to have a reverent local crowd. Big John was the band playing that night. Big John is a mighty big boy that plays a helluva guitar! All covers but the crowd just wanted to dance so it worked out perfectly. The "11th Street Cowboy bar" was like something you'd expect at Opryland hotel but it had the most responses online and that's why I wanted to visit. But it's not worth the time. I've gotta check out and do more travelling today. Headed toward Fredericksburg for a coupla days. Adios, S

P.S. OH, BEST barbecue so far! Opie's in Spicewood, Tx. The vegetables ROCK as well!!!

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