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Friday, August 27, 2010

Why (Red River-Dallas)

Why I went to Red River is because I've had the damndest time being inspired to write about much in this big dang town or "Metroplex". Well, a friend of mine suggested for me to take "Texas 2 step" lessons. I hate him (and had probably suppressed that hate before). It was everything that I thought it was going to be. The bar was a big chain typa place. Which it totally fine. It serves it's purpose. Bunch of hot girls (and like two guys) serving expensive cold beer. The dance instructor was kinda of a cocky guy middle aged guy who basically made sense to me about the 1st 10 minutes of the hour long class. It's like this. O.K. guys, it's little step, little step, big step, big step. Easy. Now everyone, little step, little step, big step, big step, twirl her around, keep her on the outside, now go backwards with the same steps, and look over your shoulder (without turning your shoulder) so you "don't run into her ex" (I guess a funny inside joke with his wife as many times as he said it), keep your hand on her shoulder blade (and don't think about the hate for your ex-friend), keep her arm at a 90 degree angle and now that you guys have all of that down we're throwing in a hulla hoop to make it challenge (while not even playing cool old music, it was contemporary country. Yay.). It wasn't exactly like that but might as well have been. Austen, you SUCK (my ex-friend). Anyways, when I FINALLY found someone to suffer through this with me (i.e. dance partner) I mangled her poor little feet (and we're talking little/see pic). Well, there you go. I know no more today than I did yesterday about how to do the freaking "Texas 2 step". I guess it was a change of pace and totally outta my comfort zone, though.
I did stay there and watch the band for a coupla hours. They were tight and I now see where the Sara Evan's and artists like that get their training. This typa music would not seem to go over well in the more "Texas Music' clubs but then again neither would Sara Evans (I wouldn't think). These typa bands and singers don't inspire me in the least. I'd rather just hear the original version. To each his own. Bartender (Eduardo) was a nice guy. He was born and raised in Brazil. College tennis got him to Dallas. He liked living in the states and now lived in downtown Dallas with his girlfriend. He's enjoying the young years of his 20's. Jody the sound guy was a cool guy, too. He got his job while being head of security and (after breaking his ankle) subbed for the "lights guy" for a little while then moved and learned how to run the board (ambitious little sucker :)). I spoke with the squeaky little guy who was in charge of "the bull". I asked how often he gets the "clothing optional" question. He said it does come up every now and then (or something like that). Nothing else to say really. I'm going on a little trip with Jim Lane to travel down to the hill country. "Big city turn me lose and set me free", S

p.s., Bathroom "attendants" bother the every loving HELL outta me! You give them a damn dollar to hand you a paper towel (that they guard with their lives). If they wiped my butt I think maybe THAT would be worth a tip, but please...


  1. "It would cost considerably more than a dollar for THAT service.......SIR!"

  2. I hear Dancing with the Stars is looking for a new face.