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Sunday, August 8, 2010

I've done struck music!

Holy great mother of goose!

I’ve done struck music!!! After $200+ worth of gas later (and a tick or two), I actually heard a full night of music! 5 damn bands! So I walk into this big outdoor typa bar that probably holds 1200+ and in the first 30 minutes who do I see but a freakin Nashville producer! Well there you go. I stayed anyways (no real option). So my take on the Odessa Countryfest 2010. The first band "Buckshot Bradley" was pretty good. Btw, have I said that Texans & Londoners have one distinguishing thing in common? No matter how hot it gets they are not going to be seen wearing shorts. So I obviously stand out (that and I’m 45+ and much cooler). At times the band is little reminiscent of a more rockin Chris Knight typa thing. I didn’t hear any songs that stuck in my mind. Second band-Brian Milson. Good looking, good band, decent voice, songs were predictable. HOLY shit get him to Nashville, FAST! There’s a spot just a-waiting for you. Actually, (for real) the Nashville producer was there to see him. I didn’t really need another reason to justify my reasons for coming out here. Anyways, then the Kyle Bennett Band came on. Man, I like these guys and I like their CD (wish it was produced a little less "slick"). I kinda wish they’d lean more toward the edgier side. They’ll get somewhere ‘cuz their talented and touring their asses off. :) I really admire that. After this band, a guy walks up to me and asks what I’m doing here. He’s a local and works in the oil fields. He’s really pumping me on this local band that he really loves. I SO love that Gary Wadzeck is the typa guy would come up to a total stranger and say that. He was with his group of friends but just reached out anyways. Thanks dude and I will check out Falls County and I wish that I had your hospitality. Next band, Honeybrowne. They are good. Really good guitar player, good looking singer, who’s a good writer and a dang good singer. They entertained the hell out of the crowd. Even doing a decent job on covering John Denver’s “Country Road”. Bottom line is that it’s just a little too cool for me. I like hearing something more down to earth (or at least my earth). That’s just a personal taste thing, though. Last was Josh Abbott. I’m a little prejudiced because I’ve really liked him from the first stuff that I’d heard. I love pretty much everything about this guy. Stage presence, catchy as hell writing, great singer! He is more country than most things I’ve heard out here (or at least from what I'd gotten in Nashville). I think he could do even like a great bluegrass typa song or two, as well. He’s what I thought of Luke Bryan the first time I saw him and what I think of the Dirt Drifters, now. Oh except that he’s probably grossing around 1 Mil. before a record Co. or Pub deal (did I say that yet?). He is the songs and the songs are him. I just want this guy to win because he works hard and I love his message. Please check him out. He’s got SO much more potential than just Texas. If he stops touring and moves to Nashville, I’m gonna shoot him and his manager (and you know I can, now) ;). Lastly , Cody (tour manager/pullin woman off Josh guy ;)) was SO kind and stood there trying as hard as he could to tell me EVERY cool bar in Texas. Thanks dude. Well, I’m off to figure out what to do for the next few days in Lubbock. Later.

p.s. I've been grilling a potato for about 2 hours now and I STILL can't stick a fork in it :(


  1. nice post.


  2. Great stuff Scott! I'm so enjoying reading your posts! We miss ya here in Nashville!

  3. that shit is funny. especially the potato part.


  4. Really enjoying reading!A little scary about the DI part though. Keep up the great work!



  5. Unemployed but not unemployableAugust 12, 2010 at 12:40 PM

    I've been a fan of your blog going on 45 minutes, now. With a pending meeting with a Mr. Borchetta, I figured I better find out a thing or two about country music - other than a steel guitar is usually heard in between the lyrics. After your rave review of Josh Abbott I had to see what would possess a seasoned Nashville exec to provide a link on his blog page to a little known artist. And guess how the world works? Tonight, yes tonight, he is playing a mere 40 km up the road in Tucson (for more explanation on the kilometer part - google I-19 in Arizona) at a lovely club called The Cactus Moon (I think). Ah, but they have bottle service.?? Anybody who has been to Tucson will understand the question marks. Tucson is not and probably should never be "bottle service" territory. Any hooo.... I am going to see Josh Abbott tonight, with just a Bud Lite bottle service for me, thank you very much. I will keep you posted on the show. If you care. :-) I am now a HUGE fan of your blog. Waiting on finely tuned strings for your next post! Emily

  6. Ya doing great, Bro!! Very interesting!!!
    Keep it up. Keep it real.

    Love you!! Patrice

  7. Slice the potatos thin and fry the h**l out of them. And keep writing - I love being on this journey with you.