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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ladies night & Jewelry/Billiard party Featuring Drew Kennedy

The latest installment had me going to a cool bar in San Angelo last night. Blaine's pub was started around the late 90's by a really colorful character, Blaine Martin (who holds the official Guinness World record for longest continual Ferris wheel ride). 'Nuff said. It's walls were covered with posters and pictures of various Texas artists & icons. It had a pressed tin ceiling, too. The beer fridges were covered with bumper stickers: "Don't Mess With Texas", "God Bless John Wayne", "Vietnashville" & of course a Gary P. Nunn sticker (didn't see any F*#% Obama stickers, curiously enough). Anyways, I was there to see Drew Kennedy. I've known and been a fan of Drew's for a coupla years now. The crowd was not there for him for the most part. It was apparently an experimental thing, having him play for a part ladies night/jewelry show (all in a honkytonk with people playing pool). I don't know. It was kind of a weird mix but crowded, so I guess that made it was a successful night for the club. PACKED club but basically and after work kinda deal. Drew found a coupla fans and a middle aged woman who insisted on taking her bra off (even being middle aged myself I was a little grossed out by it). Drew is definitely the songwriter/artist as opposed to the opposite. I just dig what he does and he's not somebody who I'd suggest to pack up all your shit and move your family to Nashville. He'll write some songs that the real songwriters will love and admire but not something that the typical Nashville A&R circles would be fighting over, right now (I don't think). Drew (originally from Virginia) is content with writing what he thinks are great songs without caring what Nashville or anyone else thinks. I admire the hell outta that and in doing that, he's also liable to write an "Angry All the Time" or a "Travelling Soldier". My favorite tune of his is "Vapor Trails"! Just some great damn writing!!! Is it "cuttable"? I don't really have to give a shit. He just needs to know that it's great writing. Cheers to this guy who's out there busting ass to write and play what he loves. He's making a living.
Met a big lovable local, Marcus Coranado. He works for the power company and is also a part time boot maker. That's his passion. Born and raised in San Angelo and just a damn nice and sincere guy! Tried to talk me into making me some boots. I tried to explain that I'd already been "issued" my boots from a Walt Wilkins friend. Now what the hell could I possibly do with two pair of boots! Off to see Rob Baird play tonight! Gotta go get my boots all polished up ;), S

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  1. Hi. My husband showed me your blog and I like what you are doing. I read about maybe going to see the band called Falls County. I agree. They are a great band. You may think I am biased (my husband is one of the lead guitarists) but I know good music when I hear it. All of their upcoming gigs are shown on their Facebook fan page as well as their website ( We would love for you to come out and see what they are all about!