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Sunday, August 1, 2010

I'm not in Texas, yet... (Anders Osborne show)

Well, I’m not in Texas yet, but I did go and see Anders Osborne play at “The Shed” last night in a hot as Hades Destin, Fl. It’s a typical beach typa bar that’s a little touristy but still built with enough character to make you feel comfortable and the big wooden back patio had a great vibe. Anders had lost his voice the night before in Tampa (which he’d said was packed) and the sound sucked at the start (when they finally got his mic working). His 3 piece played a few songs before he THEN breaks a string (insult to injury). They took a little break to fix it and then came back (Anders more appropriately dress in a tank top) and commenced to kicking ASS! By the time he got to “Echoes of my Sins”, a song you’ve GOT to hear written about his struggles of the last coupla years, he’d gotten to where he could hit the notes and I had TOTALLY forgotten how the whole show had even started. Why I love watching Anders and the jam band approach to his arrangements (which is NOT my usual thing), is a combination of his songs (written with conviction from hell), his singing (even tonight), his ridiculous intensity as he stalks the stage (NOW looking like Moses, and not Moses Malone ) AND his playing. He came back for an encore and played a Neil Young cover of “Ohio”. THAT was something I wished I could’ve recorded. I’m still learning how to do all this stuff (flip cam/GPS/blogging/shooting a 9MM pistol) and between my limited photography skills and Anders “runnin around like a chicken with his head cut off” ;), I couldn’t get ONE freaking picture that wasn’t blurred. I do have a picture of Moses though. Maybe that’ll suffice. Adios amigo’s! I’m headed out toward “West Texas Heaven” (to quote Kimmie Rhodes) tomorrow.

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