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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Crickets and grasshoppers

Crickets and grasshoppers. That’s all I’ve heard out here in Marfa, TX so there’ll be no music in this blog and you can stop here if that’s what you’re looking for. SINCE there’s no music, I went for a drive. I went to a AMAZING town called Fort Davis. Had some breakfast at a great place called Nell’s with a small but neat used book store attached. They had really great tasting Migas and coffee :). They guy who waited on me was so damn nice. He gave me some locally blended/grown (or somethin er other) coffee that ROCKED (Marfa coffee, actually)! If you ever happen to go anywhere near this place (which just probably ain’t gonna happen unless you’re Walt, Drew or Josh) I’d give em your money. You’ll get more than plenty in return. On a "side bar", go to the men's bathroom. SERIOUSLY, it's really a "moving" thing. I'll try and post of clip of it (Here). It's really all about the graffiti. Moving on...SO Fort Davis must have the worst publicist EVER! I’ve heard about Alpine, Ft. Stockton, Marfa but not this place and it’s really worth a visit. I’d have stayed here if I only had more time. With only 2 months in Texas that won’t even scratch this state’s surface. So again, I went for a drive and had an incredible (I gotta stop using that freaking word) 3 hour scenic drive (pix on my facebook/here) and then stopped by one of the many art galleries in Marfa on my way back to my tent. It was pretty "modern art" for my taste until this insanely nice guy, Dennis Dickinson who owned the place (and who's picture I've posted) gave me some background on the art (at this point he was "showing" 9 different artists). To me it’s kinda like poetry. I’m so damn stupid, that without someone giving me some kinda context,I might as well be staring at a shovel. Anyway’s, because of my dumbassed background (daddy REALLY tried to raise me better) he was SO kind enough to share with me the stories behind the art. My favorite was Gretchen Berggren. They looked to me pretty much like doormats with numbers on them BUT all the numbers related to great people’s works (or great things) that have been ignored/walked over (probably a terrible interpretation of what he actually told me). This really meant something to me given the last few years of working with the people that I’ve been SO lucky to work with. In telling Dennis why I’m way the hell out here, he said that this all reminded him of a Joni Mitchell song (that I didn’t recognize, surprisingly ;)), “you wanna hear it?”. So we went back into his studio and listened to the song "Free Man In Paris". He really made a point to pull up the lyrics to the song on his laptop (Lyrics). I’ve long since stopped believing that events in life like these are random. Hopefully, I’ll be able to find some new cool music but as long as I keep running into people like Dennis, I really (I mean REALLY) don’t care. And on we go…

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  1. You rule Scott!!!!!
    -Erin Enderlin