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Monday, September 20, 2010

Anhalt Hall, Billy Mata and some SERIOUS dancing goin on (and a bangin' through the walls)!)

You know you're going in the right direction when you're in the middle of nowwhere, your GPS is no help and it's dark as hell. I've learned to be a little more comfortable with that now a days. I found Anhalt Hall relatively easily. It's about a 30 minute drive from New Braunfels. Once I walk in I see that I'm having to rearrange my order of dance halls that I love (this one is the most beautiful looking for my taste). It's a rounded ceiling with beautiful wooden rafters for support! These for the most part were all adult couples who came here to do some serious dancing! I continued to keep my non-dancing ass on the sidelines but that didn't keep me from being the voyeur that I am (I'm sure some were like who's the perv taking all the pictures). That and I guess that I'm chicken shit for not trying again. I'll try it one more time before I TOTALLY bail on the idea. Anyways, these were again more normal people. Not "cowboys" or didn't look like a place to hook up (though I'm sure it coulda happened ;)). It was a pretty cool night in comparision to the hell it's been lately. These people were sweating their asses off! Most danced and didn't sit down for longer than a song to rest. *Note, If i hear one more couple next door (through the walls) bangin their brains out while I'm trying to "blog", I'm gonna pull out my gun and use it on somebody. I must be a magnet for GREAT or at least loud sex (next door). Is this called sexual frustration, I wonder? Back to whatever I was fixin to type* They had like places to sit your beer while you dance that looked like those places in the back of the church pews that holds your "Lord's Supper cup" but these were the size of beer cans! These guys were serious! They even had a little corner that had stuff on the floor to rub your boots in to make 'em slide more easily (hey guys, this maybe typical to Texan's but new to a redneck like me). Billy Mata, my favorite dance hall band that I saw back at Pearl's did the STELLER job of playing on that night! The place had the best ("natural") reverb of any room. It was like something from a studio in the way the band resonated in there. I tried to record a bit and will try and post it. LOVE those guys. Anyways, I'll post pictures. It's better than my piss poor descriptions. One last thing, they played "Faded Love". Reminded me of the "Mel Tillis night" that we put together downtown Nashville a coupla years back. That was the first time that I'd heard it and I remember Mel telling the band to start with that. GREAT memory for me :). I'm gonna go take a cold shower now. Austin, here I come baby!!! Only 2 weeks left of Texas :(


  1. I think that rounded ceiling is called a barn back here in Georgia.

  2. I think sex is like gum. Unless you bring enough for everyone it's just rude:)