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Monday, September 27, 2010

Cotton Club and Steak House & Coupland Dance Hall

Drove to the town of Granger,Texas (population 1299) to hear the "Can't Hardly Play Boyz" perform on Saturday night at the "Cotton Club and Steak House". O.K. I'd never heard of them. Just wanted to see the Dance Hall (top picture). It was actually IN a small little downtown. Family atmosphere. That's why I went. Rita Ballou had said it had a small town vibe and those have been my favorites. It DID have a balcony in the oval shaped room that looked pretty neat. Family's had their tables staked out and for the most part seem to dance amongst there respective partners. Everybody did their counter clockwise motion around the room. Could someone tell me why you go that way? NEVER the other. Good thing I can't dance 'cuz I think I'd consider a revolt and change directions (and get my ass kicked, I guess). HOLY cow, they even played a Tim Dubois song "Bluest Eyes In Texas"! Anyways, that's pretty much it for Granger, Texas.

Drove 20 miles or so to a well known Dance Hall named Coupland Inn and Dance Hall (last 3 pix). THIS was another of the really beautiful old Dance Halls built in the 1910 (I think it said). My favorite part (;)) was the urinals (2nd pic down) that had those damn "Baptist Church-pew-drink-holder-thingys that was in Anhalt hall but it was RIGHT there where you peed! INGENIOUS, you just sit it right there in it's secure little thingy and wizz away without ANY fear of it falling over on ya (and looking like you'd had a gusher down the front of your pants)! Anyways, it was "J.D. somethin' and the somethin' 'er others" that were playing that night. They did a fine job of actually playing good dance hall music. The crowd was maybe 90 percent kids under 25. Under the  "NO THEY DI INT" category: The DJ (who'd sounded like he was on helium) announced the BIG request! I expected "Cotton Eyed Joe" or some Pat Green/Charlie Robson/insert Texas fav song, but what did squeaky play but "Copperhead Road"! All the young 'uns got out there and had this little line dance to the damn thing! Well, who knew??!! I can't remember if that was in the original video or not. As sucky as many (ok, maybe most) country videos traditionally have been (and are), it wouldn't have surprised me if it had been in it. Ok, I'm even boring myself about now. Is it BMI, NSAI or some other acronynic week back home, I wonder? Just wondering (outta boredom, I guess).  X's, S

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  1. Way to go Scott! Enjoyed reading your blog!

    Gary Jenkins