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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Takin cover in The Devil's Backbone

So I stopped in the "Devil's Backbone" to escape Hermine (storm). It's the PERFECT "man cave"! Cheap beer ($1.75), manly jukebox: Mel Tillis :), Led Zeppelin, Gary Stewart, Joe Ely etc... and like a real rock walled cave (kinda) with a rounded pine covered ceiling. The stools were just cool as shit (see the pix)!!! Built in the 1930's, it's apparently haunted too: . Never seeing a ghost myself, I can't really account for the supernatural part but it would make a good 'un! There's EVEN a Todd Snider Song "Ballad Of The Devil's Backbone Tavern" about the place. Stop by if you happen to be going from Blanco to San Marcus, TX. GREAT tavern on what should've been a beautiful drive (except for the rain). Heck, I was just trying to pass time while the squalls subsided! Later taters, S

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  1. Gunter,

    I was hoping that you were moving to higher ground when I saw reports of the heavy rain that came down in Texas. Keep writing!