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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cory Morrow @ The Albert Dance Hall in Stonewall, TX

So I drive and drive from one lonely crossroad to another and roll up on a crowd of trucks and cars. I wish I could take pictures that capture how beautiful these places are when you walk up. So far they've been all white lights and big open windows propped open with 1x4's. I paid my $15 (yikes!) and walked into the really crowded building (which remind me of just big chicken houses but with beautiful wooden floors) with everybody from young teen-aged girls & guys to older couples to a few of the younger couples holding their babies. I was a little surprised by the lack of boots, lack of "hats", lack of "cowboys" (or people dressed up like 'em) and the large amount of bad dancers. I guess I was kinda expecting it to be something unrealistically all choreographed like something off of the set of "Oklahoma". After I realized that these are just normal people of "all walks" I stood to the side and watched (given my debilitating non dancing disease). This is an old Dance Hall built in 1922 that's just recently been restored. I think it could've lost some of the original "character" seeing as the rafters, some of the walls and the floors all looked to be new. Cory was a little disappointing to me because he was more in the vein of the modern Texas music scene or at least the segment that's not that (traditional) country. It's more 80's-90's rock (which I guess is Nashville country too). I guess it's not "more", it is 80's-90's rock. He had a really good band and sang great (and once again had great stage presence). These seemed to be real Cory Morrow fan's not just people showing up to see who's playing. Proportionally there were just a few dancers in the middle of the 75-80% or so of the people who were there to just listen to him play. Good for him though. Just dispelling these stupid perceptions that I've been holdin as I go. The police guy I spoke with for a while said that Gary P Nunn played there two weeks before and there was half the crowd. I'm guessing rewritten 80's/90's rock is the "thing" here, as well. There was around 600 people there on this night. I headed back to Fredericksburg and dodged the deer. "Yard art" turns out to be there real THING around here! Hell, the deer chase the dogs 'round these parts!

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