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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cajunville and Bear stories.

So I'm camping again for a few days. Someone said a while back that it looked like someone's back yard that I was in. I'm not a camper. Sorry to disappoint any "real campers" out there if they thought I was gonna be like REALLY camping, I guess like "Into The Wild" or some crazy shit camping. No. It's like "camping in someone's backyard so I'm able to afford this for 4 months" typa camping/KOA's. If anyone wants to volunteer a backyard or maybe even a back porch (throwing in a space heater, maybe?), I'm ALL about it. :) I've gotten use to it... kinda. Gotta make your own coffee on a Coleman burner. Eat a cold Poptart and go out and run around town after that. This'll be the first night that I'll actually use my sleeping bag. Bought it 2 1/2 months ago. Didn't need it in the 70-80 degree temps. Suppose to get down in the 40's to 50's tonight. It's all good but don't expect any "bear stories" to come outta THIS camper. I'm smarter than the average bear (or that idiot in "Into the Wild")
I did go to Avery Island today and it was gorgeous and insanely peaceful. I'll post a coupla pics. Going to Mulate's tonight in Breaux Bridge! Hopefully there be some good things to see and write about :)

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