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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Swamp Tour (Non-Musical, but there's a picture of a hot girl in a bikini) and yes Uncle Scott's drinking again

Lyn Landry took us on a 3 hour Swamp air boat tour of the Atchafalaya basin. It costs $50 but DEFINITELY worth it. Just check out the video clip (at the top of this & turn down the sound/it's LOUD!). Lyn was raised in Lake Charles area but has lived in this area for years. Screw it, that's all you get for info ~Quick note, "Box Wine" ROCKS! It sucks when you first buy it and can sit in your car for weeks and still maintain that same level of suckiness. Yeah, Uncle Scott's drinking again~ I took a picture of the girl (and the irrelevant boat) that sat in my lap the whole trip. Anyways, it was great. The girl had a boney little ass but other than that, I'd do it all over AGAIN! Yeah, baby! Is this not a good time to ask for more sponsors (I'm gonna run low on funds if I keep taking these damn "boney assed bikini'd girl" tours)? Maybe not. Anyways, ya'll poor suckers are sitting at your desk (usually midday according to my blog analyzer) watching this instead of doing it! X's & O's (and  please keep sitting there and reading my blog :)), S


  1. 50 Bucks for her to sit in your lap? isn't that called a lap dance?

  2. Well, I never really thought of that. So THAT'S what what the garter was all about! I'm such an idiot.