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Friday, October 22, 2010

Drivin The Delta

Yesterday I drove along listening to a Black Gospel radio station while drivin "The Delta" headed toward Clarksdale, Ms.. Something about the area that really inspires me the coupla times I've traveled it. From Natchez up "The Natchez Trace" and 61 on up from there. It's a lot like (north) West Texas in the way of desolate, run-down little towns, fields and fields of freshly plowed dirt, some cotton fields still to harvest, a bunch of big ass tractors and a lotta "porch sitters" in the little towns with names like Panther Burn & Mound Bayou. This land help create Muddy Waters, Medgar Evans, Tennessee Williams, Sam Cooke, Fannie Lou Hamer (look THAT one up if you don't knew her! Incredible Civil rights activist), Kermit the Frog (and Jim Henson), , Bobbie Gentry, Shelby Foote, Morgan Freeman and a TON of others.  Guess I'm not alone in it's inspiration. Now that I've settled into my Tin covered "Shack" (see pic) I'm gonna try and hit a few Juke joints. We'll see what turns up. Hopefully something good :)


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