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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

When you gotta go, you REALLY gotta go.. Natchez, MS.

View of the bridge from where I'm staying.

The little tent that survived. 
So me and Natchez have this thing with rain. BOTH times I've been here it has rained like HELL! Rained like hell yesterday about 3. No problem. Drove around town and parked until it blew through. 1:30AM last night. WHAM! Scared the hell outta me. Constant lighting, strong winds (thank God my tent anchors held) and a deluge that went on for what had to be 3 hours or more. When you gotta pee (and you're me) and you can't wait anymore (over an hour), here's what happens. You unzip your tent. There a  rain cover that hangs loose over the tent itself. and I'm thinking with all this water why can't I just do it right outside the tent but under the cover of the rain cover that gives me a little "porch"! Great! Well that wouldn't gonna work so I actually got in kind of a push up position and pee'd mostly face down. Well, it's kinda gross but effective and I didn't EVEN get wet except for the one hand that was doing the push up and I think I was able to divert my water from God's water but it was kinda dark so who knows (or cares when you think you're about to die from this anyways). Actually, the first somewhat exercise (and DAMN high heart rate) that I've gotten in the last coupla weeks :).  It finally stopped raining hard sometime after 5. I'm right on the Mississippi river so I wouldn't have had far to roll if the wind blew me that way, either. I woke up to a great morning though and people in the reception area was like "what was that like in a tent?" I didn't tell them what peeing was like, though. Did I mention HOW much I loved camping again? Well, one more day here then I'll roll into Clarksdale, Ms. and then back home to get my car tags renewed. Whew, a week away from 3 straight months and I'm holding up MUCH better than I expected and ready for the rest of the South. Hope the rest is this easy, really. Thanks for keeping up :)


  1. I'm glad you survived. Both the downpour and the outpour.
    BTW, your friend in the photo looks a little creepy... not that I'm judgemental or anything. ;)

  2. Dang, I can't see who you're talking about?

  3. Great story! Going down to Clarsdale huh? Got your rider by your side? Can't wait to read about it...

  4. Too funny!! You driving home on the Trace? It's bee-autiful right now!! -Dani