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Saturday, October 2, 2010

From Bruce Robison at The Mucky Duck to "Dancing Queen"!

I tried NOT to but I just couldn't help it. I went to see Bruce (pictured above the armadillo) play though I've seen him over the years quite a few times. Bruce was actually on the first songwriters night that I'd put together back in the mid 90's (when T&E flowed like water!). It was Bruce, Walt Wilkins, Kimmie Rhodes and Chris Knight. At that time the only one who'd had ANY success was Kimmie (Trisha Yearwood & Wynonna cuts). The others couldn't fill a telephone booth with fans (in Nashville at least) back then. Mary Lou Hyatt (then Waylon Jennings manager) came in on a Sunday and helped me address a few hundred "mailers" to send out for the show. Mary Lou IS a great woman. She had no reason to do that other than she wanted to help me out. Love that lady still. Anyways, I'm kinda proud to have that as my 1st one. Still LOVE them all. The Mucky Duck was a really cool (and kinda fancy) songwriter bar . I'd heard it was a little snooty and that's ok for one night. The Bluebird is NOT my favorite place in Nashville for the same reason (I think people should talk if they get bored) as for being a little snooty, that is. Bruce wasn't in his best voice but his songs are SO freaking great it makes up for it. 3 piece including him, an upright bass and a Fiddle/multi instrumentalist was plenty. Bruce played a lot of his old songs and even a couple that he'd played on that 1st songwriter night ("My Brother and Me", at least).
Well, after that was over I went to check out the Continental Club. VERY cool club! Totally going for the same kinda look as the Austin CC. So I went from "Angry All the Time" to "Dancing Queen" and you know what? I LOVE a good ABBA cover band (though these guys played other stuff :()! I'm not afraid to say that in the privacy of my hotel room, at least (with my door locked). Anyways, the longer they played, the worse it got to where I finally left. "Dancing Queen" DID rock though. I guess I just lost about half of what few readers I had but maybe I can salvage that in Louisiana. Happy Weekend and GO team ABBA! X's, S
P.S. My fans (ok, only 2 but I like both a lot) have been asking for pictures of an Armadillo (and even a request to bring back a 'live" one) so that's the only reason that I've got a picture of an Armadillo. I've yet to see one alive. Though I have "ran across" a few.


  1. Scott Gunter - Waltz Across Texas

  2. Thanks Larry. REALLY appreciate you reading along the journey. There ARE a coupla T&A shots that you sneaked in there though that sadly never happened (unless that was who I was hearing through the walls). S

  3. Thanks much for taking us along on your ride. It's been a treat. The girls called looking for you and I gave them your number. Said they just missed you at one of those dance halls and had a CD they wanted you to listen to....

  4. Though I'm outta the "business" right now, I'll make an exception this one time.

  5. Got to love the Armadillo Palace!! This past summer they had great Texas Country Music Series for free.. Good Times!