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Sunday, October 3, 2010

So long Texas and one last Rodeo

So last night was my last in Texas for a while. I went to the Pasadena Rodeo to see Cody Johnson play again (to make sure I wasn't crazy). I'm not. The kid is going to do great (in my opinion) as long as he uses Nashville to his advantage and NOT let Nashville use him. He's gonna do great, regardless. There was also an interesting young girl opening for Cody. Bri Bagwell. Got a LOT of ability as a writer and hopefully that'll push her singing to a unique place. She's got a lot to build on, though. Still early.
Texas. I left this morning and didn't wanna belabor it so I drove straight to Lafayette, Louisiana. I really hate goodbyes and that's what it was to me as goofy as that sounds. I loved Texas for SO many reasons. The music, the artists, the dancing and the opinions all come to mind. From Walt Perryman to Rita Ballou to the overly opinionated old man at the John David Kent show in Plano. Those people just acted on their own accord and said what they had to say. They weren't waiting for someone to give them the license to speak (or speak up). There's no licence that I've ever found. They just said what they had to say with more balls than most (including me). Texans were very nice to me and even though I'm sure they disagreed with a LOT that I had to say, I didn't feel they were judging me. Maybe they were. I'm looking forward to the rest of my trip to give Texas some context. There's so much that I didn't get to see but I had so little time to do this whole thing. I appreciate everybody's generosity and help: Will & Chris, Jim, Danny, Sonny, Nathan & Wendy and MANY, many more!. I can only hope the other half of my trip will be HALF the experience that this turned out to be (minus one head on collision/damn you JIM! ;)). Adios Amigos and thanks Walt Wilkins for my "soundtrack" of Texas. I can honestly say I loved it all, S

P.S. Thanks also to my Nashville friend Austen Adams for helping me figure out what the hell I'm doing out here. I still don't know but he's been a BIG help. Thanks dude. Btw Austen, "Gunter, I Barely Knew Her" I STILL contend was my idea for my band name. Tryouts are late November. Good luck.

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