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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

George and sons and Yojimbo!

George Menard and his sons: Matt, Tommy & David
While ordering a glass of wine from Mario at my favorite bar in "The Quarters" (Napoleon House) I hear one of the guys next to me tell the elderly man "Ma always said, get to know your dad. He'll grow on you. She really said that." I really wanted to talk to this guy. It was George Menard (with his 3 sons). They all go on a little birthday trip every year with their dad. This year was George's 80th and the last two they've come here to New Orleans. They're all from Massachusetts. Apparently George had been married a "coupla" times. Well, actually all 3 sons were from different mothers. They were laughing about it so much I'm not sure if they were just feeding me a line of bullshit or not. I think not. I asked George if he was married now. THAT drew a big laugh from all 'em and he didn't really elaborate but I think he is (AGAIN). He said "I'm running outta money!" It was a GREAT little afternoon break from my trolling around town. It was funny damn stuff and George was a crusty old man who actually was pretty kind to me. He did leave me with one last word of advice "If it flies, floats or fucks, rent it".  There ya have it.

DAMN, these kids ROCKED!
That night I go to see this really popular local artist Kermit Ruffin (at the Blue Nile on Frenchman's Street). You know, it was a good crowd. Pretty good playing but after about 30 minutes, I got bored. I wandered farther down the street and saw these kids on stage at "508 Maison Musique". It was a young girl dancing around and the music was real high energy and sounded pretty damn good (and it was free!!), so I walk in. It's 5 kids all playing kinda Funky Jazz is how I'd describe it. Then, the girl (who looks about 15 but actually 19) grabbed her Trombone and just played her ASS off!. The whole BAND (Yojimbo) ended up kicking my ass! She is going to be a damn star and the kids (who've been together for only 6 months) are going to do EXTREMELY well if they keep working hard and playing a lot. The musicianship, camaraderie and professionalism on stage was so incredibly impressive. If you're reading this and in the business of looking for acts (outside of hillbilly music) you best check them out! You're gonna have to see it live because I heard the few song on their site and it's pretty uninspiring compared to what I saw "live". It's gotta be almost impossible to take it from one to the other with this kinda music. Get your ass in a car and go see it for yourself. Spoke to Carly (trombonist) and Mario (trumpet) for a minute or two and they seemed to be GREAT kids and very sweet and humble. They are from various parts of the states and now all live in NOLA. OH and Btw, the kids in the crowd were LOVING it and dancing! That's all I got for ya. I'm headed off toward Clarkesdale, Mississippi. From the birthplace of Jazz to the birthplace of the Blues. God bless the South! I'll miss the beautiful town, though. S

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