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Monday, October 11, 2010

Joy and the Festivals Acadiens

"Joy" is an old school cheesy word I remembered first hearing back at Ebenezer Baptist Church when was a kid growin up in Harbins Community. It's not really a practical or cool word to use anymore. Well on Saturday that's the only word that came to mind at the "Festivals Acadiens" in Lafayette, Louisiana. It was a great a day as I've had out here on the road if not the greatest. I can't really tell you why this old word came to mind. The spirit of all the people playing and dancing had a happiness that wasn't the type from the Dance Halls or the clubs. Joy is the only (uncool) word that came to mind. It just made me feel good about life. I'm just gonna post pictures for you to see for yourself. Btw, my favorite bands were "Cedric Wilson & Bijou Creole" (almost a Latin Zydeco feel though the myspace don't sound like it,maybe I'd been drinking;)) and "Terry and the Bayou Bad Boys" just straight forward smilin' Zydeco! O.K. some of the guys dancing were just freaking insane! You'll see a couple and I posted a video of my favorite dancer!!! I'm telling ya' they were damn entertaining :)


  1. seeing these pics make me miss festival season in lafayette!

  2. THAT was really something!!! :)