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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Cattle Festival and a bikini retraction

Well, I cannot tell I lie. Really, I can but not a good one. For the last blog it went like this. I pulled out my laptop and started tap-ing, pulled out my box wine and started drinkin. Well anyways, one thing led to another and a girl in a bikini (on a air boat, coincidentally) popped up on my computer (it DID, it just POPPED up!). Well, ya gotta have a story for the picture and so it goes... . Hope you enjoyed the picture if nothing else. I don't think I ever said that this blog was going to be strictly factual. Maybe I did, hell I lose track sometimes. Anyways, this one for the most part is true (unless I come back later and again retract somethin). Last night was the opening night of the "Cattle Festival" in Abbeville, Louisiana. It was quite the place to be for the locals. 3 band stages. 2 official and one darkened unofficial (on a hay hauling trailer it looked like). The bands played mostly songs from Michael Jackson's "Billy Jean" to "Big Mamou" to Garth Brooks covers. The "unofficial band" and stage played more Blues stuff (fittingly). It's like they'd all been told just the day before that this thing was gonna happen (it's been going on since the '40's). On two separate bands the singers would be back there by the drummer figuring out their parts. Anyways, the singers for most the bands were pretty dang good! They also had a ton of food. I tried something called Pasta Yaya. It tasted more like beef stew to me. The lady made me stand there and tell her what I thought. I told her that I'm not from "these parts" but I thought that it needed more "heat" she countered that that's the "heat" that they liked in these parts (unspoken: and get your ass back to "your parts"). Also tried some red beans and rice (he also waited for my approval which I gave with a nod and a smile and got the hell outta there). DAMN, the pressure! Anyways, the local constable contingent was out in full force. It was just a beautiful old town at night. The backdrop was the old courthouse behind one stage and an old courtyard with beautiful lighted moss covered live oaks behind the other. The "rogue stage"/unofficial didn't really have a "backdrop". It was just dark back there. I'll post some pictures. We've got the "Festivals Acadiens" here in Lafayette and the "Gumbo Fest" in New Iberia going on today and then I'm headed out for "The Big Easy" in the morning! Happy BEAUTIFUL Southern weekend!

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