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Monday, November 8, 2010

"Cadillac Sky" (W/Levi Lowrey) and "Mumford and Sons"

It's impossible for me to keep up with all the buzz bands in all of the various genre's of music so in going to the beautiful renovated old venue The Buckhead Theater, I saw 2 really great bands on Sunday night. "Mumford And Sons" and "Cadillac Sky" (my friend Levi Lowrey just joined). Levi squeezed me in  (I MEAN squeeeeeezed!) to see them open for "Mumford" who'd apparently sold out in a coupla hours from going on sale. Most of the people (among the 2500 or so) I was standing around were there to see "Mumford". I'm biased as hell but hey this is my blog so in saying that, I feel Levi has insane potential (as a writer, singer AND player). He's more in the lines of the Darrell Scott world as a songwriter and as a singer (in my mind) but this band is kinda like a high powered progressive Bluegrass/Folk band that I've now realized  (from the broom closet I'd been in) is really popular among the Bluegrass crowds. The crowd's response to them was really great to see!Selfishly, I was wanting to hear some of Levi's new tunes, though :). He writes freaking incredible songs and will (I'd bet!) have a single "Colder Weather" (cowriten with 3 other dang writers! :() on this new Zac Brown record. It'll be interesting to see how Cadillac Sky can work Levi's songs into their sets. I'm happy for and proud of my homeboy (fellow Dacula-ite). He "carries himself" like he was raised :). Honestly, THAT'S what I'm the happiest to see.  If you've not seen these guys 'live", GO. It's high energy (see pic) and great playing and they'll be in Nashville on the 2nd of Feb '11.
They would NOT stand still, damn it! (Cadillac Sky)

"Mumford And Sons" have only been together since '07 and have become an anomaly, it seems. This being their 1st US tour (English band), they are selling out or have sold out pretty much everywhere. It's just one of those things that has just blown up through some radio but seems to be mostly through press and "word of mouth". It's in the folk/pop/celtic/and a little bluegrass influenced world to me with pretty dang literate lyrics but melodic enough for me not to have to figure out what the hell is going on with the story. Lyrics are where my stellar 2.49 GPA becomes blatantly obvious. The reason I like picture books, Waffle House menus and ABBA, I guess. The crowd was OBSESSED! It was like one big "Bluebird" crowd where if you spoke above a low whisper, you'd be berated with Shush's! I mean for the WHOLE damn concert. Anyways, BOTH these bands were a pleasant surprise for this ol' country boy from Dacula. Good lord, I got outta touch! On southward from here to find more things that I shoulda already known about before now. You could call it a reeducation of sorts. S

Mumford and Sons (easier to get into focus ;))

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