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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Eddie's Attic playing some Hoots and Hellmouth

Hoots & Hellmouth @ Eddie's Attic

....I stopped by the famous Eddie's Attic last night just to see who was playing. It IS a beautiful listening room with a damn fine bar (a luxury for a "listening room" :)) Nothing I had read on the calendar really excited me so I was just out "trolling" around (as in fishin). Stopped by Smith's Olde Bar first and it was a bunch of old people (true to form) like me but the music wasn't starting until 9. I ALWAYS start out too damn early. I'll learn one day. Given that, I just headed to Eddie's. Hoots And Hellmouth was mid-set. GREAT writer (whoever writes the songs) and musicians. They're from Pennsylvania and seem to have a healthy touring schedule. When I see shows a lot of times, I miss a lot of lyrics and last night there were some GREAT one's justa flying by me  but when I got home and checked out their stuff online (really good website), my GPA came back to haunt me (its bad when you can't EVEN recall your high school English teacher. I'm guessing I had one). It was some heady shit, but really good. My favorite songs were the simpler things (re: GPA). The decent sized crowd was really loud and into it, as well. Check them out and if you like their stuff online you'll REALLY dig them live. I just liked them better "live" because my head started hurting after reading their lyrics after awhile. But I mean some damn fine lyrics in there! Oh, and they sing and play their ever loving asses off. Out for more trolling tonight unless someone can send me some damn tips :), S
Their working on Lincoln and U.S. Grant on the "North" side of the Mtn.

P.S. my sis is sweet enough to let me stay with her for a few days :) I guess she's forgiven me (or forgot) for punching her in the nose as a kid (SHE started it!). We tended to fight a lot (just all of our waking hours).

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