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Friday, November 12, 2010

Going home

Well in Macon, Georgia I found nothing. One open mic night at the Hummingbird and the other "country bar" that I'd heard about was nothing worth writing about (Whiskey River). So you get my story of going home this week...
I don't go back to my hometown of Dacula, GA hardly anymore because my immediate family's all moved away from there and the Grandparents are all dead and gone. I ended up walking around on a hill of headstones of people who've helped raised me one afternoon at Ebenezer Baptist Church, had lunch and dinner with great old friends and family. I also asked some friends some stupid questions to see if I could find something funny to make out of it, but in the end all I came up with was remembering how great it was to be raised in Dacula, GA. Actually, "Harbins Community" to be exact. I had a blessed upbringing. Here's some pictures and thoughts...
When I think of "Chicken Houses" this has always been my reference point. The Archer's "chicken house".

This is where my whole family went on Sunday mornings, Sunday nights and Wed. night's growing up. Ebenezer Baptists Church. My mother ( and my whole family) would sing many times in this building.  

My mothers grave. I was too young to get to know her very well before she died (I was 11 and being a boy, I guess). They closed the whole school early the day of her funeral. I found that out just recently. She only lived 38 years on this earth.

Joe Ford-He's been the announcer for the Dacula Falcons since 1975. He said I was a real "scrappy" football player :). His daddy (Jay) opened this store in '46.

This is the house where we had an "outhouse" for our toilet.  I did look to see if it was still standing. Didn't see it, though.

Mark Still. My best friend since I was 5 or 6 years old. He's had my favorite text: "Why you're out there 'finding yourself', the Bulldogs are getting their asses beat!"


  1. Your hometown looks very similar to my hometown in Hays, NC. I love living in Nashville, but rural North Carolina was a great place to grow up. Thanks for sharing Scott.

  2. Pretty sweet memories. One of my favorite memories was the fabulous chicken stew @ the church after each twister thru Harbins. Least favorite memory...not using the "bathroom" for the year we lived in that "little house"