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Monday, December 20, 2010

Fav's so far from Raleigh area...

Big Fat Gap (Talented pickers!)

Lizzy Ross Band

I stood there wondering last night why this writer/artist that I don't really know (and still never met) e-mails me about all of the great things going on in Raleigh without once mentioning her upcoming gigs. She's a really talented writer/artist. They (Birds and Arrows) are trying to make a living themselves in a world that's become insanely harder to do. To be honest, I've been through this a ton of times before. Over the years Craig Wiseman told me to sign Tony Mullins. For that matter, Tony Lane to sign Dani Carroll, Anthony Smith to sign Chris Wallin, Walt Wilkins to sign Erin Enderlin, Jeremy Spillman to sign Jamie Floyd and Luke Bryan to sign Brent Cobb,etc.... Did I sign them all, no, but probably should have. Paul Kennerley (writer of plenty of #1's) would spend as much time (and really more) on promoting new songwriters than himself. Just between his mentoring of Gillian Welch and Dave Rollins and his help with Bruce Robison in the early days coulda been enough. Barbara Cloyd has sent me an embarrassing amount of (now) really successful songwriters and a couple I did sign (thank goodness). Why writers do it? I don't know. But why I've loved working with them? I know. Selflessness. They can ALL be some self centered bastards at times and hard to work with but who the hell ain't? I just know that my life has for the most part been what it's become (which I'm so grateful for) because of  their selflessness. Done. I just had to get that out there. All that (rant) to say...
Last night I went to the Local 506 in Chapel Hill, NC because of Andrea Connelly (as well as following up on another of her tips the night before). It was a really fun night with some damn talented singer songwriters. Big Fat Gap was the hosts. Greg Humphreys (Vid clip) and Lizzy Ross  (Vid clip) were my faves, though. Both good songwriters and great singers!!! Lizzy is a REALLY powerful and intense performer, as well! I'm gonna just post their damn videos (with their permission, of course). PLEASE watch and thank Andrea if you dig them (and please check out "Birds and Arrows", as well). All I had to do was to just show up and press record in one hand while holding my Bud Light with the other. :)
Dogwoods (amalgam of Mandolin Orange, Drughorse, Ryan Gustafson)
Thank you Andrea and hope you and Pete have a great Christmas, S

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