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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Some damn COUNTRY Music in Durham :)

John Howie Jr. & The Rosewood Bluff
The Casbah is NOT your typical Country bar name nor is it really a country bar BUT I heard 3 bands there last night in Durham: Tonk, Fontana & "John Howie Jr. and Rosewood Bluff". I heard more steel guitar than I've heard since leaving Houston,Texas 2 1/2 months ago! It had not hit me until last night that I'd been seeing all kinds of Country-ish typa bands but none that were remotely old school in the more traditional form. I guess "Rebel Son" a coupla weeks back were kinda old school (on crack!), though. It was pleasing to the ears to say the least. I've gotten SO into looking for "what ever's going on" that sometimes I have to look back to "see what I've been seeing". Actually, some good players last night overall. 3 good steel players (in 3 different bands) and one being a damn fine all around player, Nathan Gold (playing both in Fontana and the John Howie band). Regarding the John Howie band (formerly of Two Dollar Pistols), he had a great stage presence and really, really good baritone voice. I can never hear the song lyrics but they sounded pretty damn catchy, up-tempo :), great energy and pretty solid. Gotta check out the site.... Checked it out, he sounds much better "live" but I love what he could record. He did say from the stage that they've finished a new record but "it's being held hostage until they pay for it". My fav song he played was "Bugler" an old Byrds song that I didn't know. GREAT song and fine selection & version! All this Country music kinda makes me wanna go back to Texas to hear me some Billy Mata :) Oh, the memories: Billy Mata At Anhalt Hall clip

Speaking of Texas, I saw TWO great dancers! All I got was a shitty picture to show for it  (never claimed to be a Leibovitz). I spoke to them for a minute or two and no they weren't from Texas. They were local and DAMN nice people. I'm gonna post the shitty picture 'cuz it's all I got but a BIG thanks to Tommy and Wendy for lettin me take the pic and for the great tips that you shared with me last night. Keep on keeping on :)
Somewhere in there is Tommy and Wendy dancin'-Good GOD I suck at taking pix 

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