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Friday, December 10, 2010

Music from the Piedmont, automatic weapons & Rudolf...

The Piedmont Boys
Dancing, there were actually people dancing last night. Only one guy that was good at it but it was good to see "on the whole". I ran across this place (Chiefs) and this band (The Piedmont Boys) online. The band was pretty damn good and had some promising writing! My favorite part of the whole damn thing was that the band was playing to get laid and writing to tell their story. LOVED some of the songs if not the song ideas: "Guitar Bashing Bitch" (pretty damn funny!), "Rice Beans", "Pontoon Boat" and "White Line Mercy". Just a lot of promise :). Their music on myspace is what you'd expect from a regional band. Not great but functionally getting the point across. I think they'll get there if they keep gigging a lot and if the writing evolves. Right now they book and manage themselves. That should change over the next year or so if their easy to work with and keep it up. They've got a pretty good many gigs on their schedule :). I KNOW that's a really hard thing to do and admirable!
The guy, good dancer. The girl, well... his look answers that. Maybe it's a cheerleader "thing"/dance. Dammit, she gave it her all though! "Push 'em back, push 'em back, waaaay back!!"
The bar, well it was a "sports bar" with tables moved aside for the band BUT the crowd was actually diggin it and though I think they only have "live music" on one night a week it's a good venue for it (Btw, no cover charge). The crowd and place just had a great vibe to it! Off to find more around Spartanburg....

P.S. Btw, so last night I go out to my car to get something and on my way back in, 3 guys (Police, I assume) are coming around the building (in a hurry) in flack jackets holding their automatic weapons across the chest. The lead guy awkwardly smiled at me like "hi, don't mind us, we're just going to kill somebody". I went into my room (with the chain strangely broken off), loaded my gun and went back to watching "Rudolf the Rednosed Raindeer" (I LOVE Burl Ives!, wasn't he the snowman?), I mean what else is there to do. Oh, it was only 6:30PM. Thanks for the gun lessons, Bart.

We used to call this "The Dirty Dog" in redneck bars where I played. Dogs actually do it with slightly more class.

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