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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sneaking across the border

Birds & Arrows

Not finding anything vaguely interesting in South Carolina or at least not on any club "calendar" (which are OFTEN incomplete at best) on a Saturday night (oddly enough), I drove an hour up to Charlotte, NC. The The Evening Muse is as great a venue/listening room as I've been in. The sound, the set and the layout is just perfect for my taste. I sat at the bar and listened to 4 bands (missing the 1st) playing mostly singer songwriter typa stuff. My fav band was Birds And Arrows. Strong singer, cool songs, good musicianship. LOVED the cello player! That guy had GREAT and interesting parts that REALLY added more than you think a Cello could (especially being only a 3 piece). The whole artist environment was so selfless in the way that all of the bands were REALLY supportive of each other, plugging the other bands music and hawking the other's merch (T-shirts, CD's, etc...) from the stage. I rarely see that much commraderie among bands (one not even being from the area, Washington State). If this is what the North Carolina music scene is going to be like, I think I'm really gonna dig it :). Heading down to Charleston, SC for a few days of clubbin but REALLY looking forward to coming back up "North". Impressive scene!
G.G. Dover
Anna Bullard
Seeing this had me a little worried... at first

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