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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Levi Lowrey Vs. Clay Cook In Charleston, SC

After having a GREAT dinner at Trattoria Lucca (where you have NO idea what the hell you're ordering) last night with my fam, I stopped by the Pour House to see Levi and Clay humiliate each other between songs (mostly). I'm not partial but I gotta say that Levi won the humiliation contest. O.K., I am partial but start your OWN damn blog if you don't like this one. There are options. Anyways, they played for a small crowd at the Pour House last night in a DAMN cold Charleston, SC. I have to admit it was a pretty damn funny show (in addition to the great songs) and worth the money (cuz the bastard Levi wouldn't get me in for free). As you already know, I'm a HUGE Levi fan so I won't ramble on other than say that he ALSO co-wrote Zac Brown's new single "Colder Weather":). Anyways (have I said that already?), I put up a vid of "Wherever We Break Down". It's one of my fav Levi songs and I SWEAR his lips are moving. It's well hidden behind all of that beard. Never the less, it makes it's journey through all of that facial hair and actually sounds really beautiful once it's freed. I think he's gonna grow into the "cousin it" in 5 or 6 years. The ULTIMATE "facial hair off" between him and my friend Anders would be the bestest of contests! This bitterness of facial hair that I hold could be some leftover baggage for me. Seeing as the only place that I could ever grow any hair was on my mole that I've since had removed. :( You know, I really miss that damn thing. I'm on to do a little Art shopping today!
in this corner weighing in at 4 inches+ (maybe) is Anders Osborne!

Zac ain't EVEN gotta chance in HELL in this "face off". Please...!
The Goal (the one on the left)

P.S. LOVE the "Pour House". Another great bar to play (if I played, that is). Not so much a listening room but good sized open floor that rises in the back so if it's crowded it helps to see a band from farther away. Plenty of bar space too :)
The "Mole That I Miss" :( My only shot was a "mole beard".


  1. Great post, Scott. This and the video makes up for the bad picture earlier.
    : )
    Glad you were there. They are funny, aren't they? I will try to post a pic of one of Levi's Amish relatives and you can add it to the above photo album.
    Take care,

  2. Bring on the Amish!!! SOMEthing looked natural about that damn thing.