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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Politics, Prose and "A Movable Feast"

Smithsonian in the Snow

There is a Capitol in there somewheres!


Matteo Pistono

Thanks to an INCREDIBLY kind sister and Bro-in-law I could stay here in Arlington for a coupla nights. :) 
There was an older Tibetan lady, a young Indian man, another man who'd been visiting and living in China for the last 10 years, 3 rows of China history "experts" all along with about 100 other people (and me) at Politics & Prose last night. As I've said before, I'm a geek about C-SPAN and their book channel, C-SPAN Books. They record authors at "in-stores" talking about and signing new releases. THIS has been one of my favorites and being so close I thought I'd check it out. The author was a Buddhist (Matteo Pistono) who'd written about his experiences in Tibet and of the atrocities between the monks and the Chinese Government. The book In The Shadows Of The Buddha . I felt dumber than I usually do (listening to the crowd's questions and statements) but it was pretty damn enlightening. This bookstore and "Malaprops" in Asheville are DEFINITELY my favorites! One of the very few "independents" left. It was only a 15 minute walk up from the Van Ness station. :) Carla Cohen  and Barbara Meade started this store in '84 in a building across the street.  From what I've gathered, Carla who sadly passed away in October thought up the book store idea after 3 years of unemployment (after leaving her Gov't job in the mid 80's). Her and her husband (David) mortgaged their house, borrowed money from friends and started the store. It's been recognized by "Publishers Weekly" as "Book Seller of the Year" and has gotten many, many more awards. As much as any of that (from all that I've read about it), it's been a community center for the whole neighborhood for the last 26 years. It was put up for sale back in June of last year so get by there soon before it has a chance to change. Hopefully it won't... but what don't? I'll post some pic's but pictures do NO justice to the place and it's atmosphere. Btw, I bought a Hemingway book while I was there ("A Moveable Feast"). I think it was the last book he'd work on before he died. Seemed fitting for some reason and NO better place for me to spend my money. :) Here's to hoping that they can "keep on keepin on". I've got one more night of "keeping on", myself. Happy weekend and if you're reading this and are around The Broadway Brewhouse/Mojo Grill (Nashville location on 21st ONLY) on the 1st of Feb. around 6PM I may just buy you a beer. Thanks for reading, S  

P.S. I went to see 3 different bands in Arlington last night but enjoyed this much more than that. Maybe 6 months of going out Wed-Sun. to hear music has gotten me to the point of needing a break from it.  Then again, maybe the music just wasn't that good. :)

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  1. Wish I could let you buy me a beer on the first just to see you. Really great observations these last few weeks. Congrats on accomplishing all you set out to do.

    Love Vicki