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Friday, January 28, 2011

"Snow" shows but 2 nights and 678 miles to go!

Library of Congress

another of the Library of Congress

Ari Hest
Great little pub (Galaxy Hut) in Arlington during the snow storm

WELL between nursing a cold and the snow cancellations, I've not really seen much in Arlington. There was the odd open mic where only one writer showed up. The show that had 5 bands and ended up being only a couple at Jammin' Java and a couple of other things that's not worth the mention. If nothing else the snow was beautiful. Surprised that they cancel as much as they do because of snow (9 inches the day before). Thought they would be a little more use to it. Though there was one show that I caught last night, Ari Hest. NY singer/songwriter who played at the The Barns At Wolf Trap outside of Arlington in Vienna, VA. Beautiful old barn looking building (or at least the insides looked like that). Holds about 300 people and was mostly full of his fans. He's been on a 'major" before and continues to tour and release his music via many avenues (it seems). For example, he did something interesting you may have heard about a few years ago, he wrote and released (via-email) a song a week for 52 weeks and sent them to his fans for a 1 time fee. Pretty interesting and innovative. He IS a really great singer and really good songwriter. He got a a random person from the audience to do a duet with him at one point. That was a cool idea. :). Check him out. That's about it and sorry I've not found more up here but it's just bad timing (except for the "State of the Union" thing :)). Countdown. 2 nights and 678 miles left to go.
"Barns at Wolf Trap" Looked more like a barn inside.
"Jammin Java" was not on this night :( Snow shortened shows

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