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Monday, January 17, 2011

Rollerpalooza 2011 at The Grey Eagle

Tommy Lilac Voltage IV &
Slim Suzy Lilac-Broken Lilacs

The band Lyric. Weird looking picture for some reason.

THESE guys were GR8 (with "Lyric")

Elkmont Place
Your 2011 Blue Ridge Roller Girls
It sounded a little off the wall and I went hoping to see the clash of "roller derby-ing" to a "battle of the bands". Nope, nada. At one point most of the "Roller Girls" (sans skates) did get up on stage but that was it. There were no fights, flips, body slams, trash talking, hair pulling or NUTHIN! This was basically your typical "battle of the bands" with the proceeds going toward the "Blue Ridge Roller Girls". The bar was nothing special. Nothing bad, nothing great. Functional. Old office building with low ceilings. I do like the fact that the bar is at the back and away from the music. My thoughts on the bands that I did see (for once something started on time and I was late). LOVED the duo Broken Lilacs but only got to hear "Slim Suzy" sing one song. She sang her ASS off but I was too busy buying beer, and working my way up through the crowd to get a flip cam of it (she then switched to drums and stayed). BUM MER! Anyways, really, really sweet guys (spoke to them a little) and they are moving to Nashville in the summer. For my Nashville buds, you OUGHTA hook up with them. He's a really talented guy and good singer as well but I kinda like her singing moreso (sorry) from what little I heard though. Anyways, it's worth your wild to see these guys if nothing else. It's not gonna be your "Corporate Country Music"(to borrow a line from Mr. Stuve). They are really big fans of old, OLD school country. Like PRE-60's typa stuff. There were various other artists and another group "Lyrics" (tough name to live up to) that I really enjoyed (Couldn't find a website, sorry but just putting in "Lyrics" Asheville don't really get you very far in a google search). I DID get a "flip cam" of them doing a great 70's cover song "Give Up The Funk" . Oh SHIT, they had a GREAT drummer and conga's player! The rest of the bands that I saw I just didn't care for. Then again, the last band Elkmont Place was a pretty talented rock band. It was young indy typa stuff that I don't exactly have much of an ear for anymore.I didn't stay for the results but they probably even won the damn thing. Goes to show ya what I know. Swear to god, I'm REALLY headed to Virginia now. Ya'll only got TWO more weeks of my shit and then I'll leave you all the hell alone (unless I'm looking for a job :)). You're gonna have to do your OWN damn blogs from here on out, S


  1. Thank you so much for the fuzzy photo and the kind words. Classy journalism!

  2. You got me on both. I'm not a journalist nor a photographer. Just doing the best with what I have. I'll take the pic down and good luck, S

  3. ...and thanks for the kind words about the Grey Eagle...only one of the southeast's most prominent music venues for the past 2 decades. It was originally a school bus repair shop in the 1940s, and it's never been an office building. Also, It's The GREY Eagle, not the Golden Eagle. If you're going to blog, it's always a good idea to fact check and do your homework.

  4. Sorry, got a little lazy on the "tagging" and missed that. Great info on the "bus repair shop" (I never found that info and looked). Just trying to describe it as best I can and it just looked like an old office building to me. I'll admit, I'll make a mistake or two but nothing intentional.