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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Black Mountain music

White Horse Benefit

Red June @ Jack of The Wood 
I give my $20 donation to the benefit for the White Horse in Black Mountain last night. Walk up to the bar, NO 24oz. PBR's!!?? JUST when I've finally got used to the taste of that shit, they ain't got it!! Oh well, it did seem to be a good community event (for a good cause) to keep the doors open of the pretty large venue (especially given such a small town). They were even offering to sell shares of the club to people in the efforts to keep it up and running. Most music wasn't my thing (Uh, there was even a dulcimer player) but the last guy Levi Douglas was pretty impressive. Here's a piss poor vid of one of the songs (apologies). Levi clip . He's just moved to Nashville he said so I guess I'll be seeing more of him if he hangs in there. I'd suggest he live in EAST Nashville, though. Really, REALLY great creative and supportive community on the other side of the Cumberland. After that show I headed back to Asheville to a loud and crowded night at Jack Of The Wood . It's an Irish pub that's a local musician hang too or so I was told. A solid Bluegrass band-Red June. REALLY good fiddle player. When the Mando player sang, it was REALLY cool :). Too noisy to flip-cam though. :( OH, JUST hit me, there WAS a guy Robert Greer from Town Mountain who got up and sang. GREAT Country voice :) He sang an old Skaggs song "Don't Cheat In Our Hometown". I'm fixin to head out to a Benefit for the "Blue Ridge Roller Girls"! Seems only fitting to start the week at a Literary event and end the week at a "Girls Roller Derby" event. Hell, maybe they could use a "Merch guy"! I'm eager to please!

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