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Friday, January 7, 2011

Whitey Morgan & the 78's. Listen dammit!

In going to see Whitey Morgan & the 78's last night I expected to see a GREAT Country Music show. Well I damn well heard it and here's your clip: "Another Round". Made me wanna drink whiskey and I even hate that shit. Well, I'd stumbled into one his shows at SXSW last year. He's SO damn country he coughs dirt! Don't know much about geography but I also don't know HOW the hell something that country comes outta Flint, Michigan, but it does. He AIN'T playing some "roll" up there on stage. I LOOOOOVE what this guy is about. He comes off really sincere, he's big as a house, Hell of a guitar player, he's pretty damn funny sometimes AND he gives Levi Lowrey and Anders Osborne a run for their money in facial hair! If you're into Country (without the rock or pop influenced versions), I think you'll REALLY dig this guy. At the SXSW show it was like 10 degrees and the sound system went ALL to shit but he just kinda laughed at it all and plowed right on through the show and people LOVED it! The man don't crack under bad shit like that. There ya' go AND I got caught up on my cussing for a while (or more like a minute or two). Check out his damn music, you sons a bitches and if'n you don't like it, I don't wanna hear about it. Go tell somebody who's really gonna give a shit! Cuzz I won't. Really. I won't. They also get  bonus points for having a great merch guy named "Stubby". Big X's to all you read alongers, S

P.S. SHIT. I just had to get one more in there.
P.P.S.S."Cuss Count" for those keeping score at home that's: 5 "shit"s, 4 "damn"s, 2 "Hell"s and one "Sons a bitch" (an actual bastardized version of it's "mother"). I guess that adds a bastard (1).

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