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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Catch as catch can

The Gravy Boys
Wylie Hunter & The Cazadores

Birds & Arrows "Born To Run" :)

Tomahawks playin some Neil Young

Local 506 in Chapel Hill, SC
So last night I was all looking forward to hearing this band after surfin the net and checking out the good bar schedules in the "Triangle" area. It was a bust. Let's just say that they kinda really sucked. On Friday, I did the same surfing and didn't expect much but had a damn fine nite! Started out at the Casbah over in Durham. I've blogged about that bar before. The band that I SO enjoyed there was the The Gravy Boys -(see vid clip at the top of this blog) . GOOD pickers and the best part was that most of the songs were of the 30's, 40's folk/country type."Depression Era" music. GREAT vocal and band arrangements. Though the music on their CD sounded good, seeing it "Live" was better. It's kind of a "show" that's REALLY fun to watch for their interactions with each other. Good change for me :)-I "flip cam-ed" a bit (Vid). Running late, I left there and headed over to Chapel Hill (Local 506) to catch the last 3 bands of  a "Neil Young Vs. Springsteen" night. It was 5 bands each playing 3 song either of Bruce or Neil, or that seemed like the concept. Fun as SHIT! Met a REALLY great kid (Georgia boy :)) who's band had played GREAT versions of "No Surrender" & "The River". Wylie Hunter's band is he and the Cazadores (though they didn't look Mexican). Seriously though, we got to talking about how hard work and busting your ass is the only way that you're gonna make it in the business (natural talent alone won't get you that far). Actually, it was him telling me that. Agreed, brotha. Seen WAY too much of that over the years. His writing's got a LOT of promise (from a CD he gave me) and I think in today's world he may be more likely to be more in the country vain if for nothing else than for his song's lyrical content. He's GOT good content and in the pop/rock world I don't hear a lotta that and listen to that genre more than country, nowadays. Maybe the pendulum will swing back the other way though. Hope he does good cuz he really seems driven and he IS talented and I think a good kid :). Of ALL things that night, Birds And Arrows (the kind people who told me about all of the local music happening's a month back) played 3 songs and for their last song they played "Born to Run". It's not exactly something you'd think they'd attempt or could even could pull off. Hell, they are a 3 piece: a cello, a Guitar and a drummer. When they started I'm thinking maybe their gonna do some cool NPR version or something to that end. Well hell. They faced the damn thing HEAD ON and rocked!!! It was fun (a little funny) and SO great (especially the breakdown/cello instrumental leading up to the last verse!) She was screaming her damn head off by the end. I mean how else could you do it. I just LOVE those guys. I "flip cammed" none of that show cuzz I hate to do that without getting permission :( The Tomahawks closed the show (coincidentally) with a great Neil Young song that I quoted last week. Probably the ONLY Neil Young lyric that's ever hit me outta nowhere "Keep On Rocking In The Free World" (don't wait for THAT to happen again). Unexpectedly good night :). Now headed toward Asheville...

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