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Friday, August 6, 2010

$70 later

So $70 later I’m layin in a bed I didn’t have to inflate in a room that I didn’t have to "pitch'. DAMN, I'm really needing that Travel channel sponsorship to come through. All of this in 72 degree weather :) Camping for 2 nights will get me down to my $40 a nite budget.
It’s a 2 block afternoon walk down the east to west main street to the “Railroad Blues Bar”. The great Walt Wilkins told me that I HAVE to visit this place and to meet Richard Fallon (owner of 15 years and in the picture above). THIS place looked like something off of a movie set for a classic road house movie! This is something that I wish could be moved to Nashville but I’m sure that it’d get lost in the translation and Richard does NOT seem like the typa guy who’d wanna live in Nashville anyways. Most people that I’ve met out here are here for a reason. They love the way of life. Once again there’s no friggin’ music (until the weekends). Richard’s a transplant originally from Brooklyn, NY via Louisiana through Austin and finally and totally content with Alpine, TX. This is a great bar and I SO hope you guys can hang in there through these tough times. I wanna come back when there is music but until then I so wish Richard, Ryan and Tim Rafferty the best of luck (and big tips). Thanks for the great hospitality guys and tasty homemade Sangria, Richard:)). “I’m a man of means by no means, king of the road”-R.Miller….

p.s. LeAnn, PROMISE there'll be music tonight in Odessa! Don't take away your logo :)


  1. It is , about the people apparently, Bro! Music, people and, of course, food!
    Lovin your blogging.

    Blog, blog, blog!!! Lovin it!

    Love you,

  2. Thanks Patrice. Love you back, S

  3. Railroad Blues is one of my all time favorite places and Alpine is just a cool town!