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Friday, September 24, 2010

Big Balls in Rita Ballou Town

Last night I met Rita and fun (and damn funny) friends at the Broken Spoke. For all my friends back home, Rita's this great Texas music blogger that started 'cuz she is a REALLY passionate music fan and from what I can gather got pissed in the attitudes of some of the Texas "stars". For the most part I think that's it (or hope that's close). I've been reading her to figure out how really good bloggers write and stuff. I learned quite a bit from her. Things that hit me last night:

I can't be as honest as her
I can't be as funny as her.
I could never make Blake Shelton relent in a "back and forth"
I'm a terrible question asker. I asked stupid shit like "what's your favorite color" (while she was asking me things as to "what country stars would you want dead")
She now knows that I'm more interesting on the internet
She's as funny in person
She's got really "big balls"
She's got an even BIGGER husband
She sees music in black and white & I see a lot of gray.
I'm an ex-publisher who's writing about my trip and she's a real writer
She get's a SHIT load of daily views!
She's got a job

Though we didn't get a lot accomplished (no help from me/it's weird I was like rambling in conversation and couldn't finish a story and shit ;)), I had a great time. She said that when she started this, people in the Texas music scene said that she shouldn't slam the "Brotherhood". She was like Brotherhood!!??
I hope Rita stays honest and don't get too much "in the game" and actually stays as far away as possible!!!!! Now that she's so well read (up to 50k visits a month and growing since starting in Feb.!) artists, managers, radio stations and all other kind's of music people are trying to be her "friends". I hope she can stay outside of that (shit) and continue to slam who she see's fit. Thanks Rita and if you slam me, I'm sure I'll deserve it. We all do. I'm like a lot of people, I hate criticism but sure as hell need it!

One last GREAT thing! I asked her how's the feedback as to her really strong opinions and she said this: Though she get's some HORRIBLE e-mails (about "whoring around with the artists"), people hacking into her accounts, and all other kinds of threats she says "Oh I don't mind it cause I know it's not true...I have no skeletons in my closet! No roadies, no buses, no nada and all they can say is I'm a nerdy dork with my signs in the front row and I own that shit". Good GOD girl! I hope you get to do this on a bigger scale! O.K., I'm off to figure out what the hell is the best thing to do in Austin tonight. Two weekends left to go in Texas and I'm running out of money and time.... Happy weekend, S

P.S. In the picture above, she's the one with the bag in front of her face so people won't know who she is when she's at the clubs to check bands out and stuff.


  1. If you want something musical to go see in Austin tonight, check out Bleu Edmondson at Midnight Rodeo. Also, a pretty badass band (6 Market Blvd) is playing at the Comal County Fair in New Braunfels tonight. :)

  2. You should check out Doug Moreland's Calfry tomorrow. He will be singing along with Jesse Dayton, Jason Boland and a few others. Awesome party and great music!

  3. I think I'll be able to sleep off this unexpected mid day drunk and check out jason tonight (damn Guero's!)! Thank you BOTH for the tips!!!!

  4. O.K., I'm sober now. I MEANT Bleu is what I'll check out tonight! Thanks again for the tips! Apologies.

  5. Kimball, I SHOULD have went to that damn thing!!! DAMN!!! REALLY wanted to hear Jason!!!! Thank you for trying.

  6. Does Rita know Bobby Karl?

  7. Don't think so but a VERY relevant question! She's really good AND sincere in what's she's doing! I'm trying to get her to come to next years CMAfest! That would ROCK! I'll see if I can help that along as best I can.