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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Walt Wilkins & Lori McKenna at Gruene Hall

I was SO lucky to be in the crowd to see Lori and Walt play on Wed. night at Gruene Hall. There's 3 songs that (to me) epitomize that girl: "Your Next Lover", "How Romantic Is That" & "Nobody Knows"(didn't play last night :(). The heart that wrote those songs is hard for me to believe really exists. It's like a romanticized version of the truth but it is Lori's truth. I just am SO in love with what that girl believes. I can't say anything other than that. It's just a waste my typing and your reading trying to describe something as beautiful as her.
Walt. I can't review the freaking guy. I think he's a brilliant a writer as I've ever heard. He's got one of the most comforting voices I've ever listened to and he sings them through the kindest eyes ever put on a human being. I just have to say that anything outside of hearing those two perform last night was hard for me (nothing against the band). There are people down here that have Walt Wilkins lyrics tattoo'd on their body. That's what Walt means to people down here and God bless those people. Thank GOD he moved back "home" to where people can TRULY appreciate him. I hate to sound all sappy and shit (disappointing to Mr. Robson, I'm sure ;)) but that's what I believe in my heart about these two gifted people. GOD I suck at reviewing these guys. Look to someone else for some objectivity. I believe nuthin but what wrote right here.
P.S. I gotta give a HUGE thanks to Nathan and Wendy. Two insanely kind people who've put up with me this week. Many sincere thanks.


  1. Hey Scott,
    Enjoying your blog, buddy. Good stuff. Man, I've never heard Walt described so well. He just seems cut from a far different cloth as anyone else; elemental, like I suppose Townes Van Zandt probably seemed to those who were lucky enough to see him live or hang out with him.'s a shame that in Nashvegas, a great writer like Walt never made it to first-call status, but here we view him as the national treasure he is.

  2. Thanks God Walt always knew that Texan's believed and loved him. There's plenty in Nashville that loves him, as well. He just really didn't need that. It constrains some people more than others, I think. AND it's never over till it's over :)