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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Drivin, Bitchin and Rappin...

Gotta little tired of trying to find somethin in a land of what seemed like nothin so I went to Savannah for a coupla days. Beautiful town, some decent music actually and slowly made my way back to Macon yesterday. I went down a country road or two and will post the pictures (slide show above this). I wanted to check out (and not check intoRehab. They've been around for a few years and in NOT finding much of a country "scene" in Georgia yet, I wanted to check this out. They seem to draw a country typa crowd as well as rap fans. The show was at a pretty good sized country bar (holds 2000+ or so) called Whiskey River. Pretty nice club with big dance floor and a balcony. The fans age's were ALL over the place but mostly mid 20's to 40's (OLD suckers!). About a 1000 people were there per the door man (down from a coupla 1000 a few years back). Enjoyed the Rehab show pretty good. The band that opened for them were kids from Atlanta and for my taste I liked better. Almost Kings were more of the edgy, rock and angry typa rap. I really dig the music on their Reverbnation site, too!

"Almost Kings" out of Atlanta

A damn "Full Service" in Vidalia!
Dudes & dudettes, I'm not having much luck finding some big damn country music scene down here in Georgia. I'm gonna keep diggin and traveling (and bitching to you about it) but I'm telling ya, it ain't obvious!

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