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Monday, November 22, 2010

How 'U-shaped beds" are created....

I thought I'd found my best "deal", yet! A TWENTY THREE dollar Motel 6 room (rated #20 in Albany, according to Trip Advisor) for my Albany,Ga. stay! Well, driving up to the faded sign (clue #1) next to a neighborhood that was reminiscent of Greenville, Mississippi, I had a little reservations. In checking in I asked about internet and she was like "we ain't got no internet" (she was aware of the internet, though). Clue #2. I got my bag, my laptop, my GPS, my camera, my flip cam, my "everything that wasn't bolted onto the car" and dragged all this shit toward my room (with my 9 millimeter, as well). Two guys in the next room over had moved their chairs to the outside, drinking Pabst 48's (on their impromptu porch) made some half-assed comment like  "I got a coupla things I need brought in, too!" (I gave a half-assed laughed and kept walking).Clue #3 (or have I already skipped a couple?). Anyways, after opening the door, seein the bed's u-shape (from a many a bonkin' I assumed or fat assed people sleeping and probably bonkin') and checking out the pillows (that has a coupla unexplained stains), I thought it best to use my camping pillows instead. At least I can explain those stains (from mostly drool). That'd be Clue #4, maybe (how many DO you need now?). I always reserve the right to set up my tent in the room, seeing as a campground is about the same price, but the sheets looked clean with minimal cigarette burns/only 3, so I "camped" there.
Looked harmless enough

You CAN'T see the u-shape from this photo :(
pretty much...

"Bonfire", ROCKIN The "Pony"!

About 10PM I headed out to a coupla bars (One Trick Pony & the Crow Bar) this night to make sure the world was safe from some great new country music and sure 'nuff, you all are VERY safe.~ Man, there MUST be a lot of "all you can eat" buffets in this town, and I have now now confirmed where my bed got it's shape from~
I'll post a coupla pictures and I promise to get better in writing about boring shit in the future. Happy Thanksgiving if you don't hear from me the rest of the week. Who knows... I'll be in Charleston, SC with my family!!! Yay!  

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  1. Have a great time in Charleston! There is a MoonPie General Store right next to the marketplace, on North Market Street, where you can get any variety of moonpie you may want, and plenty of RC Cola to wash it down. We will be at Kathy's for an early Thanksgiving feast, then in Nashville Thanksgiving Night at the new Margaritaville to listen to Rich and Andy Karg perform. And also singing with them, in her first Nashville gig, Amelia Varni!
    Happy Thanksgiving,
    Tony V.