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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

For the Barry Dean's of the world...

I met Barry Dean years ago when Barbara Cloyd sent him my way (which she's done MANY a time). Barry 
had 2 songs back then that I can still remember clear as day "Boots of Sunny Red" & "Burn That Letter". Barry is an amazing singer in a town of amazing singers, an amazing songwriter in a town of amazing songwriters and an amazing person in a town of amazing people (being the best of the best is what I'm trying to say). I'm posting this video (Video!!) for my friends outside of Nashville who don't know about these amazing people. This is for the Barry Dean's, Tony Lane's, Travis Meadows's, Thom Schyuler's and Travis Hill's of this world. Though they are every bit an artist as a Brad Paisley, their not doing it to get rich (thought they'd take it) or doing it to be famous. They just want to make a living and raise their kids to be good and healthy people and have a happy family life. Barry and these others are the people I admire SO much and have felt so fortunate to have been around. I hope you enjoy this song that he wrote with David Lee and Tony Lane. Blue collar, hard damn working writers. Sure was great seeing good friends last night. 

p.s. I have NO idea WHY the format of this paragraph is SO freaking messed up!!!! 

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